‘One Piece’ Chapter 1002: Here’s why Luffy is immune to Kaido, Big Mom’s new attacks 

One Piece Chapter 1002

One Piece Chapter 1002 spoilers are now out, and it reveals the battle between the Yonko and New Generation will continue. However, despite Kaido and Big Mom’s strong attacks, why doesn’t it affect Luffy?

Titled “Yonko vs. New Generation,” One Piece Chapter 1002 will mostly focus on these two groups’ fight. In contrary to the previous theories, claiming the new chapter will feature other pirates’ brawls, this one will just be Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer’s battle against Kaido and Big Mom as the title suggests.

Why Luffy just shrug off Kaido, Big Mom’s attacks?

Kaido and Big Mom are about to unleash their most powerful attacks against the New Generation. However, Luffy will remain unscathed from any of it.

The Big Mom Pirates captain herself will be surprised to see her Indra or lightning power doesn’t work on Luffy. Why? The Straw Hat Pirates head revealed it’s because he’s made of rubber.

However, Kaido will also be shocked that his Bolo Breath power doesn’t affect Luffy, too, remaining unharmed all along.

Does it mean either of these two Yonkos’ power can take its effect on him?

According to BlockToro, it has been known that Luffy is immune to lightning, as seen in the Skypiea arc. Here, Enel’s thunderbolts also didn’t hurt him.

However, what confusing is Kaido’s Bolo Breath is also useless against him despite being more of a fire and not a bolt of lightning.

Hopefully, One Piece Chapter 1002 may have the answer to this question. Luffy may be using a Haki to diffuse Kaido’s Bolo Breath.

It’s also possible that the Beast Pirates’ ability is lightning and not a fire. If it’s true, being a rubber makes Luffy immune to their attacks.

Other One Piece Chapter 1002 events

HITC noted there is a lot of intense turn of events happening in One Piece Chapter 1002. The New Generation and Yonko will display new abilities and attacks to defeat each other.

Kaido will use Great Wind against the group, but Luffy will hit back with his new move Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatoringu.

Kid will unleash Slam Gibson, while Law will reveal Gamma Knife. Killer also has a new attack of his own, called Kamaa Sonic, to which Big Mom responds with Indra.

Kaido will then use Bolo Breath on Luffy, but Zoro will put out his sword, Enma, which makes the initial feel Oden’s presence.

Big Mom will again use Indra against Luffy, while Kaido hits him with Bolo Breath once more—both to no avail.

What will happen next may be seen in One Piece Chapter 1002, which will be out on Sunday, January 31.

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