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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1002 may see Shanks helping Luffy go against Kaido


The fight between the Supernova and the Yonko has started, but there is no way that Luffy will defeat Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1002. We all know how strong the Straw Hat Pirates captain is, but he can be a no match to the world’s “Strongest Creature.”

Luffy managed to hit Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1001, but the latter quickly shot back. Although Eiichiro Oda could create a storyline where Luffy could perfectly beat Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1002, he wouldn’t do it without getting someone’s help.

Shanks’ possible appearance

There are theories Luffy will get the help of Shanks to bring Kaido down. According to BlockToro, Kaido saw Roger, Whitebeard, Oden, Shanks, and Xebec after taking Luffy’s punch.

So, as Shanks is the only one alive from this group, he may appear in the now-much-talked-about war.

Shanks may arrive in Wano in One Piece Chapter 1002 to give Luffy a hand. However, it’s also possible that Red Hair may appear in the future chapters instead.

He is the perfect fighter to help Luffy do the job after facing Kaido when he stopped him from reaching Marineford. He also saved Luffy from Akainu.

However, there are assumptions that Shanks may not have a direct fight with Kaido, but he may still deal with him in one way or another.

The fight between the Supernova and Yonko

In addition, Devdiscouse noted One Piece Chapter 1002 might continue featuring the fight between the Supernova and Yonko or shift the focus to other battles.

It may be impossible for the manga to feature the same fight in two consecutive chapters. However, as this seems to be the most epic fight in the manga’s history, it’s not far from happening.

So, it may continuously be explored in the new chapter forward.

Kaido’s transformation

Kaido made a dramatic transformation, unleashing his dragon form in front of everyone. On the other hand, Big Mom turned Napoleon into a flaming sword, which she would use as a weapon against the Supernova.

By the looks of it, fans are about to see the deadliest battle in the manga’s history.

Kaido is waiting for the Supernova to give their best shot so that he can see their powers. This way, he can assess their abilities and know what power he will use against them.

One Piece Chapter 1002 is set to be out on Sunday, Jan. 31, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. It can be read for free on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus.

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