‘One Piece’ Chapter 1002 spoilers drop! Here’sHere’s what will happen

One Piece Chapter 1002

One Piece Chapter 1002 spoilers are now out, revealing the continuation of the Supernovas and the Yonkos’ battle.

After several leaks and theories, a summary seems to confirm the events fans are about to see in One Piece Chapter 1002. Once again, they will witness the intense fight of Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law versus Big Mom and Kaido.

New chapter summary

Reddit shared the intense turn of events happening in the new chapter. Aside from the two group pirates’ battle, a new set of attacks will also be revealed.

Titled “Yonko vs. New Generation,” the title itself already revealed what’s going to happen.

The epic fight on the rooftop of Kaido’s mansion on the island of Onigashima will continue.

Kaido will use a new move called Great Wind against Luffy and the gang, but he will stop after seeing Enma—one of the 21 Great Grade swords.

Zoro now holds Enma, along with his three blades, and it will make Zoro feel Lord Kozuki Oden’s presence. About 20 years ago, Oden wielded Enma, along with his other sword called Ame no Habakiri.

According to Inquisitr, Enma is the only sword that can cut into Kaido’s hard body and leave severe damage.

After Zoro has successfully neutralized Kaido’s attack, Luffy, Kid, Killer, and Law will be revealing their new attacks as well against the Beast pirate.

A compilation of Chapter 1002 leaks and spoilers

BlockToro noted Luffy would use the new attack Gomu Gomu no Kong Rifle against Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1002. New Kid will then display Slam Gibson, while Law will show his Gamma Knife.

Of course, Killer also has his own move, called Kamaa Sonic, but Big Mom will not let the Supernovas defeat them.

The Big Mom Pirates’ captain will reveal her new attack, called Indra, a lightning move, and use it against Killer.

Luffy then faces Kaido again and unleashes Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider. Anyhow, Kaido will not let the battle continue without putting up a good fight.

He then utilizes Boro Breath against Luffy. Thankfully, Zoro has managed to stop it with Kinemon’s Kitsunebiryuu: Homurasaki.

From here, he senses Enma. Big Mom then wields her lightning attack again to make lightning appear all over the battlefield.

Fortunately, this move doesn’t affect Luffy at all, which surprises Big Mom herself. The only woman emperor of the New World then asked the Straw Hat pirates captain how he managed to do that.

“Because I’m rubber,” he said.

As the fight continues, Kaido hits Luffy with Bolo Breath this time, but to no avail. The latter then uses another new attack, Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling, against Kaido, and the spoiler ends.

What will happen next may be seen in One Piece Chapter 1002, which will be out on Sunday, Jan. 31.

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