‘One Piece’ Chapter 1002: The Straw Hat Pirates, Alliance’s battles

Instead of Luffy and Kaido’s fight, there are theories One Piece Chapter 1002 will feature the Straw Hat Pirates and the alliance’s battles.

Fans have been seeing the battle between the Supernova and the Yonko since One Piece Chapter 1001. Now that One Piece Chapter 1002 will be out, will it continuously feature the said fight—two chapters in a row?

The saving of Sanji

Black Maria has captured Sanji, and there’s no way for the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook to hit a woman, so he needs a little saving.

At this point, no one can save Sanji but Nami and Robin, BlockToro noted. The fifth member of the crew needs most of the attention right now, as he is being sidelined in the Wano arc.

By its looks, One Piece Chapter 1002 is his chance to have the spotlight on him.

While Luffy is busy facing Kaido and Big Mom, along with other Supernova members, Black Maria takes advantage of the moment to get Sanji.

Aside from Nami and Robin, Yamato can also help save Sanji from the hands of the strongest six Shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates.

The next Pirate King

Meanwhile, with the intense turn of events, One Piece Chapter 1002 is expected to be more action-packed than the previous chapters.

Aside from determining the future of the Land of Wano, the fight between the Supernova and the two Emperors of the Sea will reveal the next legendary pirate and the Pirate King.

Although Big Mom and Kaido are outnumbered by Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law, they still have the upper hand in the fight.

The two are evidently much stronger and powerful than their five opponents that they seem to be of no match to their abilities.

At one point, Kaido even asked Big Mom to move and let him face these five alone, per Inquisitr. Once he has managed to defeat them, the Beast Pirates captain swore to get everything they have.

He’s going to take their workforce, treasures, and Poneglyphps. After this, he will continue to pursue his primary goal—to find the island of Laugh Tale and acquire One Piece.

Despite the hardships, Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law are all aware of the trials they have to face. However, they have no plans to back down and not even intimated by the two Yonkos’ powers.

By its looks, they may get a powerful device or a huge power-up that will help them take down Kaido and Big Mom.

Sadly, the release of One Piece Chapter 1002 will be once again delayed by a week, and it will be out on Jan. 31 instead. Eiichiro Oda’s usual practice has been to take a one-week break, although it seems to be getting more frequent this time.

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