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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1004 may feature this instead of Kaido’s new form


Fans are expecting to see Kaido’s hybrid form in One Piece Chapter 1004. After the previous chapter ended with a major cliffhanger that teased this new form’s revelation, would it finally happen?

It looks like Eiichiro Oda has different plans for One Piece Chapter 1004. Instead of revealing the big bad’s much-awaited transformation, he may feature the various battles happening below the Onigashima roof.

The story’s shift of focus

According to BlockToro, there are a lot of happening downstairs that fans also need and want to see.

Sanji now looks bloody, and knowing he can’t hurt women; there’s no way for him to attack Black Maria.

He will need the help of the Straw Hat Pirates’ ladies, and they may finally come in the next chapter.

Nami or Robin may come to rescue Sanji and face Black Maria for him.

As the fight between the Yonko and Worst Generation has been continuously featured three chapters in a row, it may be the best time to shift the manga’s focus.

As Chapter 1003 teased Kaido’s new hybrid form, Oda may not show it yet. He may put some excitement to it by featuring other fights instead in One Piece Chapter 1004.

It may show Jinbe going against Who’s Who, while Franky may go head-to-head with Sasaki. Usopp, Nami, Brook, and Robin may also have a battle of their own.

The alleged death of Orochi

The alleged death of Orochi may also be seen, though he may only fake it, per Devdiscourse.

With the number of heads he has, he has the ability to forge his death in One Piece Chapter 1004.

It has been revealed that Orochi secretly worked with the Cipher Pol (CP0), which is silently watching the Onigashima war.

The two have been planning on how to bring the remaining pirates down. This may result in a decreasing number of Kaido and Pirate-Samurai-Mink’s alliance.

Elsewhere, the Worst Generation may not successfully defeat the Yonko, as something terrible may happen to Luffy and the gang. This may be the end of the manga’s Act 3 that will hype the beginning of Act 4.

The new chapter is set to be out on Sunday, Feb. 14, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Fortunately, there will be no delay this time, and Oda will drop the new chapter as scheduled.

It can be legally read on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus, and fans are advised to read One Piece Chapter 1004 from its legal sources.

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