‘One Piece’ Chapter 1006: How Sanji holds the master plan to defeat Beast Pirates?

One Piece Chapter 1006

One Piece Chapter 1006 will explain the real deal between Black Maria and Sanji. After crying for Nico Robin’s help to save him, it looks like Sanji has an underlying reason behind it.

Knowing Sanji is one of the smartest Straw Hat Pirates members, there is surely something up to his sleeve. He will not ask for someone else’s help for nothing, and it may be for their own benefit in One Piece Chapter 1006.

The hidden meaning of Sanji’s help

A lot believe Sanji lets Black Maria beats him to death and calls in for Robin’s help.

However, according to BlockToro, the chef tricks the Shinuchi to expose Kaido’s surveillance system to make everyone aware of the paper-eyed cyborgs.

The new chapter’s spoilers reveal everyone can now respond to the broadcast, and it will have a significant effect on the battle’s outcome.

Sanji believes there are little cyborg spies that double as a CCTV camera and monitor that send images and audios to the Beast Pirates’ network.

Several paper-eyed animals, cyborgs, and human pirates are attached to their heads, and these things see and hear everything they say and do.

In One Piece Chapter 1006, the Straw Hat Pirates will be on the move to put these cyborgs down and destroy the said network.

This will cut off the communication between Kaido and his allies, giving the alliance the upper hand in the game.

Despite the mocking that Sanji receives, he actually pulls off a Mr. Prince moment that will be useful for all of them.

By the looks of it, he holds the master plan to defeat Kaido, Big Mom, and the rest of the Beast Pirates.

The mocking of Sanji

Black Maria beat Sanji to a pulp until he asked her to stop. Her people laughed at him as he suddenly called Robin for help.

“Help me. I am in the banquet room on the third floor,” he screamed via OtakuKart News. He also apologized they managed to capture him.

His voice ringed all over the island amid the series of battles happening the place. After hearing his voice, Sasaki told Franky Sanji would put Robin into Black Maria’s trap.

While Marco believed Sanji was having fun with Black Maria, Nami realized he was asking for help because his enemy was a lady.

Everybody knew Sanji didn’t fight women, and so he’s asking for other’s help. The intriguing paper-eyed cat, which the theory was about, sent Sanji’s voice in other places.

Fortunately, Robin came with Brook, who freed Sanji, and the latter escaped to join the fight.

What would happen next would be seen on the release of One Piece Chapter 1006 on Sunday, Mar. 7.

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