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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1006: Will this be Hyogoro’s final goodbye?


One Piece Chapter 1006 official title hints at what may happen next in the series. Called “Hyogoro of the flower, the chivalrous,” it looks like something terrible is about to happen to Hyogoro.

One piece Chapter 1006 spoilers are now out, and it reveals a virus will infect Hyogoro. As he can’t bear the effect of the disease, will fans witness a major character loss?

Chapter 1006 spoilers, leaks, and more

According to TV Season Spoilers, Hyogoro’s body will start to buff up after being infected. This will put his life in grave danger, which will surely make fans worried.

All of his allies will do everything to save the life of Luffy’s mentor. However, as he can no longer take the pain, he will ask one of his subordinates instead to kill him.

Will Hyogoro die in One Piece Chapter 1006?

Elsewhere, fans are about to see Bao Huang looking for the Momonosuke group. Sanji will be then in a huge dilemma after he has escaped Black Maria.

He will be torn on who to save. Will he help Momonosuke or Kinemon? Though he will choose one, he will feel disturbed, continuously thinking if his decision is right.

Readers will also witness the intense battle of Marco against the King and Queen. Later, after defeating Carrot, Perospero will face Marco.

The importance of Hyogoro in the series

Hyogoro plays a vital role in Wano, per Recent Highlights. He has a significant part in the plot than what fans think of.

Hyogoro showed his huge support to Wano when Oden mostly spent his time here. This earned him the respect of its people and even its chief figures.

However, many years later, his identity started to leak, and it became a huge surprise to the prisoners when he was undercover at Udor. His reputation was ruined, so he began to rally a lot of Samurai at the expense of Momonosuke.

Hyogoro has a significant part in Luffy’s life, too, teaching him the art of Advanced Armament Haki. This ability even let him injure Kaido. Without this power, Luffy might have lost against Kaido.

He also plays as a commander on the battlefield. As the Straw Hat Pirates are going solo, they found a leader in Hyogoro, who plays an essential role in the war.

Will Luffy and his people lost someone as great as Hyogoro in One Piece Chapter 1006? Find out when the new chapter finally drops on Sunday, Mar. 7.

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