‘One Piece’ Chapter 1007: Possible individuals behind the shadow aside from Oden

One Piece Chapter 1007

One Piece Chapter 1007 spoilers have confused fans after revealing the mysterious individual who has been helping the Scabbards. As the leaks reveal it is Oden, it raises the question of how can Kuri’s former daimyo managed to be alive until today.

Making Oden alive in One Piece Chapter 1007 makes everyone puzzled. He had been dead 20 years ago, and his demise even significantly impacted the current storyline.

So, is it possible that they only got it wrong as there’s no way that Eiichiro Oda will ruin his masterpiece by bringing a dead character back?

The possible individuals behind the shadow

According to BlockToro, it may have something to do with Kanjuro’s drawing. It remains to be seen if he’s really dead, and it hasn’t been on the screen.

There is a talk about Oden “not dying while imprisoned.” Though it remains to be seen if this is true, it can only be a reference to staying in everyone’s memory.

The silhouette in Chapter 1004 doesn’t match his image, though. It can be Toki/Hiyori or Kanjuro’s, but it is quite hard to believe it’s Oden.

Zoro even has the Enma now, so his return is quite impossible.

Onimaru has the ability to shapeshift, so there’s a possibility that he’s the one in the shadow. He also shows his interest in being part of the raid to get to Orochi.

Does he transform to Oden in One Piece Chapter 1007?

Lastly, another one that can do the shapeshift is Catarina Devon using her Devil Fruit—though it is quite impossible for her to do so.

The feasible theory for Oden’s alleged appearance in the new chapter is Hiyori and Onimaru are pretending to be Scabbards’ leader to boost their morales.

As it’s unimaginable to bring Oden back to life, fans have to wait and see who is this shadow really is.

Other Chapter 1007 spoilers

Elsewhere, One Piece Chapter 1007 spoilers also reveal Hyogorou will defeat the Mimawarigumi and the Oniwabanshu.

Queen will then talk to her subordinates who are infected by the virus, telling them it only makes them useful because of its powers.

Fortunately, Chopper has managed to possess the antibodies even before Hyogoro dies, per OtakuKart News.

He has successfully created a gaseous virus and spread it into the room using a cannon to heal everyone.

Queen tries to attack Chopper to stop him, but the “pleasures” defend him, using their own bodies as shields. He then makes a rumble ball and slaps Queen while Marco holds her down.

The new chapter will end with the alleged Oden’s appearance. He emerges from the door with smokes on the ground, holding two swords—a black and a white.

One Piece Chapter 1007 is set to be out on Sunday, March 14.

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