‘One Piece’ Chapter 1007: Will Sanji be the ‘future of Wano?’

One Piece Chapter 1007

Sanji is now getting the name of the “future of Wano”, and fans may soon learn the reason why in One Piece Chapter 1007. Knowing the war will only be over if the future Shogun of Momo is dead, the famous chef may do something about it.

Sanji seems to be torn whether to save the Scabbards or Momo in One Piece Chapter 1007. However, morally, he may be obliged to save Momonosuke instead for the future of Wano.

The fight to save Momonosuke

According to BlockToro, it is a no-brainer that Sanji will be saving Momonosuke. Kozuki Oden’s son is the main character of the Wano War, as the alliance tries to dethrone Kaido.

There are several Reddit theories and claims that Sanji will head to Momonosuke’s location and run into Yamato.

The latter will recognize his voice and mock him for sacrificing his crewmate, Nico Robin, to save himself from Black Maria. She will then open her shirt.

To his surprise, Momonosuke comes out of it instead of what he is expecting. There will be then a fun banter between the two in One Piece Chapter 1007.

Sanji will get jealous of Momonosuke for effortlessly having his way to the ladies.

Elsewhere, Sanji may also save Marco from Perospero’s surprise attack. After the latter has put Carrot and Wanda down, Sanji has enough reason to defeat the candyman.

The upcoming chapter may then end with a two versus three battle. Sanji and Marco may join forces to beat King, Queen, and Perospero.

Chapter 1006 recap

In One Piece Chapter 1006, Marco showed what he got when he faced King and Queen alone, International Business Times noted.

Sadly, Perospero won over Carrot and Wanda by using his candy spears and poles and building a fence around the mink.

They then returned to their typical forms while the Old Man Hyo got infected with the Ice Oni plague that Queen created.

There were several effects this virus had, but one of them was consuming its host’s strength to start wreaking havoc all over the place before it would die.

If this would happen to the Old Man Hyo, a lot of characters, allies and foes alike, would be in danger in One Piece Chapter 1007.

So, he was asking someone to kill him instead to stop the virus from spreading, which might result in a not-so-pleasing repercussion.

Would he die in the next episode? Find out when One Piece Chapter 1007 drops on Sunday, March 14. Fortunately, there will be no break this week.

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