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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1008 to reveal Kaido’s hybrid form, Oden’s real identity


All eyes are now on One Piece Chapter 1008 and the big reveal it is going to make. As it will finally unveil Kaido’s hybrid form, it will also say the truth about Oden’s return.

One Piece Chapter 1008’s leaked summary is now out and it teased the continuation of the battle at the rooftop. Here, fans will once again witness the fight between the Yonkos and the Supernovas.

Will it finally end this time?

New chapter spoilers, leaks, and more

The new chapter will be called “The Atayama Bandit Leader Ashura Doji.”

There are a lot of twists and turns happening here, from Kaido, to Oden, to Orochi.

According to Recent Highlights, One Piece Chapter 1008 will reveal the Oden fans saw in the last chapter was fake. He’s not the real Oden who died 20 years back, but a drawing Kanjuro made.

The new installment’s title mentioned the name of Ashura, so he will play a major part here.

Ashura is one of Oden’s vassals that he defeated in Kuri. He used to lead Wano and became Oden’s follower.

He is also the last member of the Akazaya Nine who re-joined the group after Oden died. With his connection to Oden, International Business Times noted he will be the one to unveil his real identity.

In addition, fans will get to see Orochi alive and his survival may have something to do with his devil fruit.

Now it remains to be seen what Orochi will do after learning Kaido is not a real ally.

The battle at the Skull Dome

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 1008 spoilers from the Korean insiders’ community reveal Kaido’s much-awaited hybrid form will be finally seen.

He will have more noticeable scales on his face and a couple of dragon horns on his head.

As the Skull Dome battle continues, Law and Zoro will agree to eliminate one of the Yonkos in the fight.

However, with Kaido and Big Mom’s immense power, it remains to be seen how they will do so.

Kid will then say seeing Zoro and Law in front of him is like being in hell. Luffy then joins the talk, saying he has been to hell several times.

Fans will get to see more of the Supernovas’ strategies to try to bring the Yonkos down.

However, some believe Eiichiro Oda may just fast-track the event that Luffy will recover his haki faster. But, readers may get to see others’ incredible moves.

Fans will see if this happens when One Piece Chapter 1008 drops on Sunday, Mar. 28.

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