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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1010: Luffy declares victory against Kaido


One Piece Chapter 1010 full summary is now out, and it looks like Luffy and Kaido’s rooftop battle is about to end.

Trusted sources compiled and translated the leaked One Piece Chapter 1010 panels. However, fans are still advised to take everything as a grain of salt and wait for the new chapter’s official release instead.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The battle on the rooftop

According to BlockToro, the new chapter will bear the title “Color of the Supreme King.”

Everything will start with Zoro, stopping Prometheus from saving Big Mom.

“That pathetic Linlin… Now I’ll have to help her too!!” Kaido said.

He then attacks Zoro and asks him to free Prometheus so that he can help Big Mom. Law tries to stop Kaido by putting Zoro out of the way and shoots him with an Injection Shot.

When it hits the villain’s neck, he starts coughing blood and hits Law back with Kanabou in One Piece Chapter 1010.

“How troublesome is your ability, Trafalgar!!” Kaido mocks after effortlessly blocking his Curtain technique.

The freed Prometheus and Napoleon rush to save Big Mom.

“Just let them go,” Law tells Zoro after complaining that he has helped the enemy. “If someone has to end up dying because of my plan, I’d prefer my plan fails.”

Kid seems to have enough, declaring their goal is to separate the two Yonkos. So, Kid and Killer make their way to find Big Mom and handle her on their own.

However, Prometheus has already saved Big Mom before she hits the sea.

“Mama, I have a request,” Prometheus tells her.

The scene is then cut, showing Kid and Killer, who think something weird is going on with the clouds.

The rise of Luffy

Back to the battle, Luffy falls unconscious, making Kaido laugh.

Zoro then tells Law his next attack will be the final blow that he can do. If it doesn’t work, Law should take care of the rest.

“Hey, Kaidou! That guy is our captain. If you wanna crush him, then crush me first!!” Zoro warns Kaido.

Zoro unleashes his swords and declares “Ghastly Nine Sword Style: Asura, Drawing Sword, Playing with the Dead.”

He successfully hits Kaido, who starts to bleed out.

“Brat… Don’t tell me you have the ‘color of the supreme king’ too!!?” he says.

Zoro falls to the ground, giving everything he has but still no avail in One Piece Chapter 1010.

Though it doesn’t bring Kaido down, it will leave him with a huge scar. He is then about to finish Zoro when Law stops him, but he and Zoro are taken away by his Raimei Hakke.

Suddenly, Luffy stands up.

“With you? We would never want to go with you. We all love ‘samurai,’ you know?” he says. “My attacks were still too shallow…But after taken you kanabou, I now understand.”

“Worororororo…!!It’s true, but only a handful of people can manage to do that!!!” Kaido answers back.

Kaido starts to attack Luffy, but the latter manages to dodge it without touching it. Thunders then come out from his feet and hits Kaido’s stomach and chin.

Kaido eventually falls.

“Zoro, Torao… Thank you for protecting me until now. Both of you can go downstairs now!!” Luffy tells them. “Tell the other… that no matter what happens, I will win!!!”

Release date, other details, and more

One Piece Chapter 1010 will drop on Sunday, April 11, at midnight Japan Standard Time, per HITC.

Its English translations will then be out later and release around the world for international fans to see. It will be released at 8 to 10 a.m. Pacific Time, 10 to 12 midnight Central Time, 4 to 6 p.m. British Time, and 5 to 7 p.m. European Time.

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