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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1012: Big Mom’s maternal instinct, Yamato’s move to help Luffy


One Piece Chapter 1012 spoilers are now out, and it reveals a lot of things happening in the continuation of the Wano war.

Fans are about to see more of Big Mom and her mother instinct in One Piece Chapter 1012. They will also have a glimpse of Kaido’s one-on-one fight against Kaido on the rooftop.

Big Mom’s huge turnaround

It looks like Big Mom will be playing a significant role in the current war, putting Kaido at a disadvantage.

She has unveiled her mother instinct that only comes out when she’s around kids, thanks to Tama.

Big Mom is now facing the Beast Pirates’ subordinates to protect Tama while Kid and Killer look for her.

According to OtakuKart News, she seems to have multiple personalities in her, last seen when she crashed in Kuri and a fragment of her memories.

Despite that, she still remembers how the people in Okobore town treat her, so she wants to avenge the village after Tama’s revelation.

To recall, the kid revealed Kaido’s subordinates destroyed the village, igniting the female Yonko’s wrath. Though Big Mom is fighting for Tama, it remains to be seen where her loyalty lies.

Some believe she may change her alliance, while others suggest she will remain as Kaido’s ally when her mother instinct wears off.

By the looks of it, Kaido will be on his own in One Piece Chapter 1012 as the rest of the Worst Generations will keep Big Mom away from him.

Yamato to help Luffy

Talking about Kaido, the Beast Pirates Captain’s fight against Luffy continues on the rooftop. However, it looks like the Straw Hat leader will not be alone to face him.

In no time, he may get the help of Yamato, who worries for Luffy’s safety, per IBTimes.

If this happens, fans need to see what will be Kaido’s reaction in One Piece Chapter 1012, knowing Yamato is his daughter.

Though he knows Yamato is stubborn and hard-headed, he may never expect that she will ally with the enemies.

This may be the biggest surprise Kaido is about to see as the war continues. Alternatively, there are claims Luffy may not let Yamato fight with him, believing he can defeat Kaido on his own.

Elsewhere, the new chapter’s spoilers also reveal the Momonosuke will open Oden’s journal after Yamato leaves to go to Luffy.

This just hints at the possibility of featuring a new flashback story, or she may learn something new from the journal about his father’s fight with Kaido that may help bring the latter down.

It looks like One Piece Chapter 1012 has a lot of questions to answer when it drops on Sunday, May 9.

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