‘One Piece’ Chapter 1013: Who will win and who will die?

One Piece Chapter 1013

One Piece Chapter 1013 full summary is now out, and it finally reveals the end of Kaido and Luffy’s fight.

A lot is about to happen in One Piece Chapter 1013 as the war is about to end. So, will someone die, and who will come out as the victor?

One Piece Chapter 1013 leaks, spoilers, and more

Titled “Anarchy in the BM,” which means Big Mom, the cover shows Sanji holding a knife, ready to fight a shark that looks like Zoro.

The new chapter will pick up where the previous chapter left off. Nami refuses to run away from Big Mom, knowing she still hates Ulti.

The two then fight against each other, and Ulti is about to crash Nami with a headbutt.

Big Mom then uses Hera, Prometheus, and Napoleon as her weapon and creates a new attack, called Maser Cannon – Roaring Light Gun.

She then hits Ulti with it, resulting in her fall in One Piece Chapter 1011, per BlockToro.

The next scene confirms Prometheus asks Big Mom for a girlfriend, but Hera doesn’t care about him or even Napoleon.

The death of Zeus

Nami then sees Zeus hiding in the corner, but she is still mad at him. Big Mom then notices where Zeus is.

“Zeus, I no longer require you!! Hera!! You can eat Zeus and become more powerful!!” Big Mom says. Hera then obeys.

Zeus continuously asks for Nami’s forgiveness.

“It’s fine if you don’t forgive me, Nami! I understand!!” he says. “But now, for the first and last time in my life, I’m going to rebel against Mom! And I want you to see me, Nami!!!”

He then turns into a black thunder cloud and attacks Big Mom, who easily crumples him and pulls his soul away.

Nami feels sorry for Zeus, so she throws the black balls at him and tells him to eat all of them and escape.

Sadly, Zeus is too weak, and Hera reaches the black balls first, devouring all of it and Zeus.

The end of the battle

Tama, Nami, and Usopp take advantage of the moment and escape. When Big Mom notices Tama, she gets furious.

“Why are you running away from me, Otama!? I hate those that try to leave my side! I gotta kill them all!!” she says.

Just when she is about to hit the three, Kid appears, stops Napoleon, and grabs Big Mom’s head with his hand.

“Punk Gibson!!!” he says, to which Big Mom responds by calling his name, IBTimes noted.

“Go away, Straw Hats! She is my prey!!!” he continues.

The next scene shows Kaido and Luffy’s battle.

“I knew it would end like this right from the beginning… Hah,” Kaido tells Luffy. “You are just a brat who obtains a powerful weapon and goes ahead of yourself.”

“I should’ve cut your head and declare my victory,” he adds. “At this rate, everyone will just continue to believe that you can win against me….”

Luffy is seen falling unconscious in midair in the final scene, while Onigashima is floating far away from him.

What happens next can be seen when One Piece Chapter 1013 drops on Sunday, May 16.

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