‘One Piece’ Chapter 1013: Will Yamata make it to Luffy on time before Kaido transforms?

One Piece Chapter 1013

One Piece Chapter 1013 continues the War for Wano with the heated fight between Kaido and Luffy. Though the Straw Hat Pirates captain wants to face the villain alone, it looks he will get the help of an unlikely ally.

Yamato has been taking the Straw Hat’s side, going against her own father, Kaido. As she may reunite with Luffy in One Piece Chapter 1013, does this mean she will help him bring her own father down?

Yamato, Luffy reunion

According to Comicbook, the previous episode hints at Luffy and Yamato’s reunion after the latter looks for the aspiring Pirate King.

Yamato has been in the works to help rescue Momonosuke to bring him to Shinobu, Oden’s former follower.

However, the Beast Pirates are also looking after the child, so she acts like a decoy to deceive and fight them at the same time.

While talking with Momonosuke, she asked the kid if Luffy was alright.

“Oh and is Luffy all right, Momonosuke?” she said.

“He is the same as earlier, weakened but still well,” Momonosuke responded. “However, there are only two voices now.”

“One-on-one, I have to hurry,” Yamato blurted out.

However, there are theories Yamato may not make it on time before Kaido transforms into a colossal monster in One Piece Chapter 1013.

If it happens, it only means that the fight between the two captains will soon come to a close and the future of Wano will be revealed.

The return of Zeus

Zeus may also make a triumphant return to Nami in One Piece Chapter 1013, per IBTimes.

Big Mom has already made a new homie and she now hates Zeus after he failed to save her from falling into the sea.

Little did the female Yonko know that he tried his best to save her, but Kid put him inside a metal box.

Big Mom created a new homie, called Hera, upon Prometheus’ request to be his girlfriend.

Knowing that he saved Big Mom from falling, she heeded his request “out of gratitude and bliss.”

So, with her hate for Zeus, Big Mom may ask Hera to devour all of him. The latter will try his best to save his life, even if it means he has to beg the female captain.

However, it looks like she has already made her decision, meaning his days will be numbered.

But, Zeus will not let it happen without a fight, and there will be a big brawl between Big Mom, Ulti, and Nami.

What happens from here can be seen when One Piece Chapter 1013 drops on Sunday, May 16.

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