‘One Piece’ Chapter 1014: Yamato, Kaido’s much-awaited face-off

One Piece Chapter 1014

One Piece Chapter 1014 spoilers are now out and it teases an intense turn of events.

Though it will not focus on Luffy’s fall, it will give a glimpse of other events in the war in One Piece Chapter 1014. From Yamato and Kaido’s face-off to Kanjuro’s move to take the spotlight, here is everything you need to know.

Kanjuro’s Take of the Spotlight

Titled “The Life of the Actor,” the next installment may center on Kanjuro. Known as an actor, he will arrive at where Momonosuke is and Kaido will suddenly appear.

According to BlockToro, the Beast Pirates captain will hit Oden’s son with his Kanabo.

However, there are theories that the Kaido who will hit Momonosuke is only an impostor. It may only be a fake painting that Kanjuro created and not the real Kaido.

Why? There is no way for the male Yonko to make his way from the rooftop to the live floor in such a short period.

It may also be impossible that he will leave the rooftop after his victory against Luffy. One Piece Chapter 1014 spoilers even tease that he will face his daughter here.

Also, Kanjuro is famously known as a traitor and he has betrayed a lot in different instances during the Onigashima war.

He was behind the drawing of Oden that seemed to return the latter back to life. He had successfully fooled some members of the Akazaya Nine, thinking their leader was back.

Yamato and Kaido’s Battle

Yamato’s effort to use a decoy to protect Momonosuke is deemed ineffective. Bao Huang sees him and tells Kaido of his whereabouts, per IBTimes.

Kaido will then instruct Bao Huang to announce his victory and he will make anyone who will his surrender his subordinates.

While saying this, Yamato is already on her way to the rooftop to face her father.

“Looks like I shouldn’t die,” Momonosuke tells himself.

Knowing Yamato swears to protect Momonosuke with all her life, she may go back to his location to save the child.

Will she face Kaido on the rooftop or in front of Momonosuke?

Fans are advised only to take these assumptions with a grain of salt. As nothing has been confirmed yet, it is still much better to wait for the series’ official release date.

One Piece Chapter 1014 is set to be out on Sunday, May 30. Fortunately, the long wait will be over after Eiichiro Oda takes a one-week break.

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