‘One Piece’ Chapter 1015 may finally solve these major issues

One Piece Chapter 1015

One Piece Chapter 1015 has a lot of mysteries to solve. From the intriguing fall of Luffy into the sea to the alleged deaths of Kinemon, Kiku and Kanjuro, will the next installment finally resolve these issues?

Fans are waiting for One Piece Chapter 1015 to address these major cliffhangers. As the new chapter’s release can only clear these things, readers are now looking forward to seeing its leaks and spoilers.

Leaks, spoilers, other details’ release

What will happen next remains unknown, knowing Eiichiro Oda is unpredictable when adding a significant twist to the series. So, fans may only get an idea of what path the mangaka will take when the spoilers start swirling online, probably on Tuesday, June 1, BlockToro noted.

The leaks will come from the Korean sources, along with the title, brief summary and possible manga break. A hand-drawn sketch may also drop, giving a glimpse of the manga panel.

In addition, the complete summary may come out on Thursday, June 3. Once the official sources have updated and compiled the leaks, it will be later translated into English and posted online.

Anyhow, fans are still advised to read the upcoming new chapter from its official sources to support the manga creators and the people who work behind it.

Meanwhile, talking about the major cliffhangers, One Piece Chapter 1014 showed Kinemon doing his best to save Momonosuke from Kaido’s attack. Shinubou then arrived and carried Oden’s crying son.

Momo and Kaido’s face to face

According to IBTimes, Momo had heard voices before he came face-to-face with Kaido. There are theories these voices may have come from the Sea Kings, who may save Luffy from drowning.

Momo also cried to Kinemon, telling him something about saying something to “them.” Elsewhere, Yamato may come to the kid’s rescue in One Piece Chapter 1015.

Kaido’s daughter is now on her way to the rooftop, but she has no idea that her father already left to face Momo. From here, fans may witness an intense battle between the father and child.

The manga may also give an update about Queen the Plague and Chopper’s fight and Brook and Robin’s battle against Black Maria.

A lot is about to happen in One Piece Chapter 1015 and fans have to wait and see how the next episode will solve these mysteries when it drops on Sunday, June 6, per OtakuKart News. Fortunately, there will be no break this week and Oda will drop the next installment per schedule.

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