‘One Piece’ Chapter 1015: Who is Luffy’s mysterious savior?

One Piece Chapter 1015

One Piece Chapter 1015 spoilers are now out and it reveals someone will save Luffy.

Who can it be? The Korean sources seem to intentionally didn’t drop the savior’s name to maintain One Piece Chapter 1015 hype.

However, as fans are known for casting the best theories, here are the possible individuals who may come to Luffy’s rescue.

Who will save Luffy?

According to BlockToro, several enemies and allies may save Luffy from falling into the sea.

One of those is the Sea Kings, who may have heard his voice screaming while swimming.

If not, Zunesha may come forward. The colossal elephant is wandering the New World with the island of Zou on its back.

So, it is possible it may catch Luffy with its island back in One Piece Chapter 1015.

If no one from these two will aid Luffy and then a new character may be introduced.

Eiichiro Oda may feature a new personality who can either be a friend or a foe.

This character may be a mythical animal or a legendary creature that lives around Wano and fans may soon meet.

Anyhow, there are also theories Luffy may fall on Heart Pirates and Big Mom Pirates’ ships.

Theories, leaks and more

Titled “Chains,” the new installment will begin with Luffy’s allies reacting to Kaido’s announcement he has defeated the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain.

He tells everyone it is useless to fight and asks if Momonosuke is safe.

Queen intervenes and says he is just playing with Chopper. Perospero then unleashes a new arrow attack while Sanji hits him and Queen back.

A battle between Sanji and Queen ensues. Kaido and Kinemon then enter the scene.

Momonosuke tells everyone Luffy is still alive and it is his voice that he heard in the previous chapter.

From here, a mysterious person has saved Luffy and his real identity is yet to be revealed.

Something like Zeus appears and “taking to Nami,” per OtakuKart News.

Another battle between Kid and Law and Big Mom begins.

Yamato then calls out her father, who demands her to call him her dad.

The female fighter doesn’t yield and instead announces she is here to break the chain that binds them.

By the looks of it, the much-awaited fight between Kaido and Yamato is about to happen in the next chapter.

Will Yamato manage to bring down her own father? Who will save Luffy?

Find out when One Piece Chapter 1015 drops on Sunday, June 6.

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