‘One Piece’ Chapter 1016: Sanji, Zoro may face Queen, King

One Piece Chapter 1016

Different theories and assumptions are now surrounding One Piece Chapter 1016 as things are getting pretty intense in the series.

After the saving of Luffy, Yamato is about to face her father, Kaido. However, the most-awaited events may not happen yet in One Piece Chapter 1016 and feature other fights instead.

The Series’ Other Battles

According to BlockToro, the new chapter may continue where the previous installment left off.

Chopper found it hard to defeat Queen while Perospero was shooting arrows at his back.

Fortunately, Sanji arrived, helped Chopper and faced the two enemies.

He threw Queen on Perospero and effortlessly took them both out. He then handed Zoro to Chopper and One Piece Chapter 1016 might reveal if he would manage to heal him or not.

Sanji has already proven time and over again that each Straw Hat Pirate has its own skill and ability. So, they can change roles and enemies to fight whenever needed.

In the manga’s return, fans may see a big fight between Sanji and Queen. If Zoro finally recovers, he, too, may face King.

Luffy, Zeus’ Return

As everyone is waiting for Luffy’s return, IBTimes noted it might not happen yet in One Piece Chapter 1016.

The Straw Hat Pirates captain is still heavily injured after his fight with Kaido. However, readers may get an update about Luffy in the next installment.

Elsewhere, One Piece Chapter 1015 also teased the return of Zeus after his soul seemed to fuse with Nami’s Clima-Tact.

Now that she has a more powerful weapon, she may take on more enemies in Chapter 1016.

Of course, the much-awaited fight between Kaido and Yamato may finally happen. Previously, Oden’s big fan told his father she came to break the chains that bind them.

From here, a battle between the two may begin.

Chapter 1015 Recap

Chapter 1015 began with Luffy slowly drowning in the sea. Fortunately, the Heart Pirates found him before he met his demise, per Game n Guides.

Momonosuke then announced Luffy was not dead yet and he would make his triumphant return.

This announcement helped to boost their allies’ morale and they continued to fight off the enemies.

The previous chapter ended with a major cliffhanger, showing Yamato daring her father to a big fight.

As Kaido still demanded her daughter to acknowledge him as her dad, would she face her child in a brawl?

Is there a chance for Yamato to defeat Kaido? Find out when One Piece Chapter 1016 drops on Sunday, June 13.

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