‘One Piece’ Chapter 1017: Luffy’s much-stronger forces

One Piece Chapter 1017

Fans are now all looking forward to the coming of One Piece Chapter 1017 to witness the continuation of the great Onigashima war.

The war has taken a new height after Luffy’s defeat. A new set of battles is happening as the tide of the fight seems to change in One Piece Chapter 1017.

The Great Onigashima War

During the start of the war, Luffy and the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance’s rebel forces went to Onigashima with about 5,000 fighters.

On the contrary, the enemy has tens of thousands of pirates combined. It can’t be denied that Kaido’s Beast Pirates and Big Mom’s Charlotte Family are big in numbers.

However, after a few chapters, deaths, and a series of alliance changes, their numbers seem to even now.

The previous chapter shows CP-0, who has been hiding in Wano, keeping track of the two groups’ numbers.

So far, 5,000 soldiers have already died, making the difference in strength between the two sides evident.

Kaido now has 24,000 people, while Luffy only has 3,000, Comicbook noted. However, after the Pleasures and Waiters change sides, rebelling against Queen and siding on Chopper, Big Mom lost around 4,000 soldiers.

This makes Kaido’s people now at 20,000, while Luffy has 7,000. Though this number is not big enough, it is already sufficient to give them additional force.

So, this gives CP-0 a much harder time predicting who will come out the victor in the war. Will the fight between Kaido and Yamato in One Piece Chapter 1017 affect his prediction?

New Chapter Predictions, Spoilers and More

Kaido and Yamato’s battle is believed to continue in One Piece Chapter 1017. However, Momo is in danger after falling into the cliff, so who will come to his rescue?

IBTimes noted after Shinobu saved Momo in Chapter 1015, she might once again save Oden’s son using her glider. They might get away from the island and land in the mainland of Wano to meet Luffy.

So, if Luffy finally recovers and has Momo around, he may ask him to fly him back to Onigashima to face Kaido again.

To recall, this is the same thing they did during the Punk Island Arc.

However, there may be no chance for him to return to the new chapter yet. His return may finally feature the next big fight between him and Kaido and Eiichiro Oda may have been saving it for last.

One Piece Chapter 1017 will not be out this week but the next week instead—June 26.

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