‘One Piece’ Chapter 1017: Yamato, Straw Hat Pirates to Hold Kaido while Waiting for Luffy

One Piece Chapter 1017

Fans are now waiting to see the continuation of Yamato and Kaido’s battle in One Piece Chapter 1017.

Aside from the father and daughter’s fight, readers also want to know what will happen to Luffy. As One Piece Chapter 1017 may answer everyone’s questions, the manga, sadly, will go on a break.

New Chapter Theories, Spoilers and More

Sure, Luffy is now safe, but according to BlockToro, it may take a little while before he returns to action again.

Luffy still has to recover after being severely wounded during his fight against Kaido. Also, after he fell from the floating island of Onigashima, it may take him time before he can return.

In a post on a Facebook group dedicated to One Piece fans, some believe One Piece Chapter 1017 will feature the series of other fights.

The Flying 6 may join these battles and their brawls may finally end here. Chopper may also successfully heal Zoro and the latter will help Sanji to face King and Queen.

The much-awaited moment of Sanji to shine may finally happen.

Fans may also have a glimpse of Brook Robin and Black Maria’s one-on-one battle. In addition, the new chapter may also give a good look at Franky and Jimbe after a peek at Nami’s fight.

Lastly, Yamato may get Straw Hat Pirates’ help to hold Kaido until Luffy returns to save his crew.

Luffy’s Much-Awaited Return

Omnitos noted that if Luffy finally returns, it may the last fight he will have against Kaido.

Momonosuke may also join the brawl, while other Straw Hats face Kaido’s subordinates in One Piece Chapter 1017.

Luffy may have already conveyed his plans to Momo through telepathy.

From here, the strongest conqueror powers Luffy has may start to activate according to his will.

However, someone may arrive to intervene in the fights in Wano, like Bearbeard or an emperor.

But whatever happens, fans trust Luffy can ultimately defeat Kaido and Big Mom. He may then continue his journey to Raftel.

As the manga continues forward, revelations about the will of D, its meaning, and Blackbeard’s arrival to interfere may finally reveal.

Garp, Shanks, the Marines, Revolutionary Army and the Red Hair Pirates may also join the brawl.

Will fans finally witness how the Worst Generation brings the two Yonkos down?

Find out when One Piece Chapter 1017 drops on Sunday, June 27. Its raw scans, on the other hand, may be out two to three days before its official release date comes.

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