‘One Piece’ Chapter 1018: Who’s Who, Jinbe’s Battle

One Piece Chapter 1018

One Piece Chapter 1018 spoilers are now out and it teases another set of intense battles.

Fans are about to see Jinbe going against Who’s Who in a proper fight in One Piece Chapter 1018. Alternatively, Queen will be serious in her battle against Sanji while Zoro is recovering from his injuries.

As the Samurais seem to have the upper hand in the game this time, will they now win the battle?

The Prelude of the New Chapter’s Battle

Usopp and Nami are surely OK seeing Tama looking healthy. They will surely protect the kid with their lives, though they may have more enemies to face.

Usopp and Nami have do not have an opponent yet, but an enemy may come their way in the next installment.

Sure, they have won over Page One and Ulti, but there are more to these two that will give them good victory.

Everyone knows that immense power Big Mom has, so can Kidd and Law defeat her? According to Recent Highlights, Kidd has the energy that can go on par with the female Yonko, while Law can be serious in their fight.

This just means they have a fighting chance against the captain in One Piece Chapter 1018. Though this may not be enough to bring her down, Law may play with her mind to win.

As the war is now going in favor of the Samurais, it may only take time before they finally get the victory.

Chapter 1018 Spoilers

In a brief summary by Redon as posted on Reddit, Tama will become the target of Kaido’s subordinates in One Piece Chapter 1018.

Thankfully, the Gifters are there and they will be in charge of protecting the kid.

Tama and Nami will go on Speed’s back while Usopp is behind, asking if he can climb. Nami will then assure Zeus that they are now companions, making him the happiest.

As battle seems to be changing now and then, CP0 analyzes its last change. They then mention Who’s Who and, from here, everything about the Tobiroppo and Jinbe’s battle.

Who’s Who will curse Shanks for stealing the Gomu Gomu nio Mi. He is also angry at Luffy for eating it and wearing the legendary pirate’s hat.

Later, he heard the story about the legendary warrior Sun God from a guard. This helps Who’s Who to survive in prison.

The guard who told him this story disappeared, so he decided to escape, fearing they might have done something terrible to him.

He then asks Jinbe if he knows anything about it, but he answers him with a new attack.

One Piece Chapter 1018 will drop on Sunday, July 4. After that, a break will come.

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