‘One Piece’ Chapter 1019: A big reveal about Yamato

One Piece Chapter 1019

One Piece Chapter 1019 spoilers are now out and it makes a big reveal about Yamato.

Titled “Heliceratops,” it is the attack Sasaki makes, which means he will play a major part in this chapter. The war continues in One Piece Chapter 1019, but it will make a big revelation about Yamato’s devil fruit.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

New Chapter Summary

Reddit user Gyrozepp95 shared the new installment summary by Redon.

Here, the chapter begins with Sanji versus Queen’s fight while Zoro gets a recovery injection.

It next shows Luffy waking up in the Heart Pirates submarine and screams for food. “Nikuuuuu (meat)!!!” he says.

Fans are also about to see the battle between Franky and Sasaki. Someone then says, probably Sanji, that Franky may become interested in Queen’s tech.

Franky then uses Radical beam on Sasaki, though his enemy’s attack later throws him.

Though their fight will be the greatest part of One Piece Chapter 1019, it will later feature Yamato and Kaido’s battle.

Fans are about to see Yamato’s hybrid form, though it remains to be seen what her devil fruit is.

This devil fruit is his father’s and Kaido has a hard time getting it from her.

How did Yamato get it? She ate it because she is hungry, though Kaido has no plans to give it to her.

Yamato’s Hybrid Form

According to IBTimes¸ Yamato’s devil fruit is called Akuma no Mi.

Her devil fruit’s name is the same title as the song Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji sing.

In the English translation of the song’s lyrics, it reveals Yamato’s devil fruit is legendary.

“How many in this world exist…? No way to know, no way to find out,” it reads. “Another huge mystery (it’s a mystery–!) That is the legendary….A—–U! Devil fruit.”

In Japanese, Akuma is in the surname of Satan, Christianity Akuma. In Japanese folklore, it is used to detail the evil-minded fire spirit.

It also describes a group of unknown entities that cause illnesses in humans.

In addition, Akuma represents a being with a set of fiery eyes and a head. It has a sword and the ability to fly. Anyone who will see this creature believes to experience misfortune.

So, is the same image Yamato will have when she transforms into her hybrid form?

Find out when One Piece Chapter 1019 drops Sunday.

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