‘One Piece’ Chapter 1028 spoilers: Sanji, Queen to hold explosive battle

One Piece Chapter 1028

One Piece Chapter 1028 spoilers are now circulating online and teasing another intense turn of events.

Titled “Brachiojaurus (Brachio Snake),” it reveals the coming of two CP0 agents and Lucci in Onigashima. So, what are their plans? What else will happen in One Piece Chapter 1028?

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

New Chapter Spoilers and More

In a brief summary by Redon, via Reddit, Lucci will be calling the bowler hat CP0 guy inside Onigashima through den den mushi.

They have two things in mind to do in the area. The first is to have Wano joined the World Government and have control over it.

The second one is to capture Nico Robin. Another thing that fans will witness in the next chapter is the fall of Onigashima.

There will only be five minutes left before it crashes to the Capital of Flowers and Yamato will do her best to stop it. Using her mythical Zoan form, she will try to destroy the explosives so that there will be no huge explosion if the island falls.

Next is the battle between Sanji and Queen. Sanji will be captured and several of his bones will be broken in One Piece Chapter 1028.

Thankfully, his body knows how to recover on its own.

Sanji, Queen’s Explosive Battle

“I don’t know what’s going on… Have I awakened the same powers as them…?” he says. “No!! I don’t want to become a monster…!!!”

Later, Queen will attack Sanji, but his sword will break when it touches his body. Queen’s head and tail will be, then, detached from his torso like a snake.

Sanji will use his Diable Jambe – Bien Cuit: Grill Shot that will burn Queen’s stomach. However, Queen will catch Sanji like a snake, crash his body and tell him to wear his special suit.

Queen will use a weapon that can be controlled by voice, but it will later explode on himself. This will give Sanji a chance to escape, despite having broken bones.

New Chapter Spread Info

The new chapter’s spread will show Nami and Usopp playing Super Smash Bros. Here, Luffy is seen as Ken, Zoro as Link, Sanji as Inkling and Robin in a demon form.

Franky will be Donkey Kong, Brook wears a suit, a cape and a crown, while Jinbe is Mario, but instead of an M, his cap and jumpsuit have a J on them. Lastly, Chopper is also part of it, though playing an unknown character.

One Piece Chapter 1028 will drop on Sunday, Oct. 10, followed by a break next week.

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