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‘One Piece’ chapter 980 release date and previous chapter recap


One Piece chapter 980 won’t be around until the last week of the month. But spoilers for the next chapter are here.

One Piece manga chapters are usually released weekly. But due to the global health crisis, the release schedule has been changed.

Creator Eiichiro Oda and “Weekly Shōnen Jump” magazine have decided to release new chapters of the manga series bi-monthly or twice a month.

One Piece isn’t the only title that has been affected by the pandemic. Other manga comic series are also in the same release schedule.

Chapter 979 was already released last May 10. This means that the succeeding chapter is set to arrive on Sunday, May 24.

Chapter 979 recap

Before heading into the spoilers, here’s a quick recap of the events from the last chapter titled “Family Problem.”

Kaido and Orochi are being pursued for attack by the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Sumarai Alliance. Kanjuro failed to warn them due to his lack of information with Onigashima’s complex layout.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats brought out the Kurosai FR-U IV and the Brachio Tank V. But they were surprised to find Luffy and Zoro gone. They went off on their own.

Chapter 979 also revealed that Kaido has a son. He instructed the Tobiroppo to find his son Yamato who has gone missing. Kaido gave them the chance to challenge an All-star for their position if they succeed.

Kaido is also planning to announce something important after he gets the pirate alliance with Big Mom. Bao Huang, a Headliner, is introduced while Who’s Who and Sasaki are former pirate captains.

Chapter 980 spoilers

One Piece chapter 980 is said to show many surprising things. Spoilers suggest that the Flying Six are going to go on a battle against the Calamities.

Kaido is also said to be showing off to Big Mom so that they could finally boost their alliance.

Meanwhile, Yamato is expected to cross paths with Luffy who went wandering into the Beasts Pirates’ banquet. The former will extend a helping hand in raiding Onigashima.

But Luffy will lose his patience somewhere along the way. He will be hiding in disguise and then show his braveness once again through fighting the enemies. He is also said to stir up some trouble.

Chapter 980 may also show Kanjuro having a change in heart by saving Momonosuke. This will happen after he recalls his loyalty to Oden.

One Piece manga fans will have to watch out for the release of chapter 980.

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