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‘One Piece’ chapter 981: The battles between Apoo, Kid and Queen, Zoro


After the drop of Chapter 980, fans are now looking forward to the release of One Piece Chapter 981. However, it seems like fans have to wait a little longer after the announcement of the manga series’ weeklong break.

It will take a little while before manga readers may finally learn what will happen next in One Piece Chapter 981. As the raid at Onigashima has reached its climax, the upcoming installment will surely be worth all the wait.

The epic battles between the four heroes

Warning: The following details will contain major spoilers for the manga series’ next chapter. Read at your own risk.

In One Piece Chapter 981, Luffy and Zoro will be making their way toward Kaido’s castle, Spoiler Guy noted. It looks like nothing can stop these two, although Kaido’s crew is doing everything they can to delay their coming.

This way, they can get their hands on the seat of Tobiroppo. Hence, fans can expect the next chapter to mostly focus on Luffy and Zoro. Aside from that, fans can also see a glimpse of the battle between Scratchmen Apoo and Eustass Kid.

Digi Statement added that the intense situation between these two would not die down that easily. Apoo is hiding a mysterious power that even Luffy and Zoro cannot notice. The kid may find it hard to face Apoo, but he will manage to defeat the music-themed pirate later.

Queen will also be present at the event. So, fans may see him do something about Apoo’s defeat. So, in One Piece Chapter 981, fans may also see Zoro going against Queen.

The new chapter’s release date

Just like other TV and movie production today, the manga production is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Epic Dope, Shueisha’s offices implemented a strict work-from-home policy after a sick employee was sent home. It raised the fears of the coronavirus outbreak in the place, so they are now all following the new rule.

This caused a huge delay not just on One Piece Chapter 981’s production, but to other manga series as well, like Pokemon, Attack on Titan, and more. WSJ manga also recently tweeted that One Piece would have another break in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 26th issue.

Hence, One Piece Chapter 981 will be out in the magazine’s 27th issue, which will fall on June 7 instead of May 31. The scans are usually out two to three days before the official release date, so fans should watch out for that.

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