‘One Piece’ Chapter 981: The secret behind the mysterious devil power

‘One Piece’ Chapter 981: The secret behind the mysterious devil power

In a few days, fans can finally see what will happen next in One Piece, Chapter 981. They will get to see the banquet at Onigashima and the remains of the Whitebear Pirates in the Land of Wano. From here, a secret is about to be out. 

The mysterious devil power behind the Beast Pirates Headliner and On Air Pirates captain Scratchmen Apoo is about to be revealed. Of course, it will also feature the battle between the Kid Pirates captain Eustass Kid and Apoo.

The secret behind Apoo’s attack

In the spoilers talk on RedditKid will catch Apoo off guard and will suddenly attack him with Punk Gibson. Although this move is not enough to bring Apoo down, he suffers severe damage during the attack.

From here, the Kill will reveal important information about the traitor’s devil fruit power. He says that Apoo’s attack range is based on how far a target can hear the sound before it happens. He may also disclose the reason why Luffy and Zoro cannot sense his attack with Observation Haki.

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Appearances in Land of Wano

Fans will also see the appearance of Marco the Phoenix and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in the Land of Wano in One Piece Chapter 981. When Nekomamushi meets Marco, he is never sure that the Whitebeard Pirates will join them in the war against Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, the Beast Pirates captain, and Emperor Kaido.

The Whitebeard Pirates know that they have to protect their late captain’s homeland from his alleged son, Edward Weevil. However, it looks like Marco and the former strongest pirate crews are ready to help the Straw Hat Pirates alliance.

In One Piece Chapter 981, there will be a short fight between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates. In contrary to earlier claims, Emperor Big Mom’s followers are not yet in the banquet. They have a hard time to enter the Land of Wano.

The Whitebeard Pirates may have learned the alliance between Emperor Kaido and Emperor Charlotte Linlin. So, they will try to stop the Big Mom Pirates from going to the Land of Wano and joining the war.

The Flying Six Members will also try to find Yamato with their men’s help. Also, Chopper will help to stop the Big Mom Pirates, although he is almost caught when Marco arrives. Fans will finally see One Piece, Chapter 981 on June 7.

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