‘One Piece’ Chapter 982: The raid at Onigashima and possible wedding

‘One Piece’ Chapter 982: The raid at Onigashiman and possible wedding

In three days, fans will see a battle at Onigashima in One Piece Chapter 982. But aside from an intense fight, it looks like a wedding is also about to take place.

According to Reddit, after the intense previous episode, the story will continue with a raid at Onigashima. Following Kaido’s instructions on his subordinates to find his son, it looks like there’s an important even that Yamato has to be in.

A marriage that may about to happen

Kaido was about to make a special announcement, and he wanted Yamato to be there. Although he didn’t reveal what his speech would be all about, the previous chapter seemed to hint at it.

A Reddit user named nasif009 revealed that Flampe’s dialogues seemed to show that Big Mom wanted her to marry Yamato. This theory came after UpsetViking observed Big Mom and Beast Pirates’ alliance.

According to nasif009, Linlin may offer one of her daughters to marry Yamato. Will this happen in One Piece Chapter 982?

Also, as Big Mom previously saw Chopper, the Yonko would start to chase the Straw Hat members inside the tank in One Piece Chapter 982. However, it looks like they will be running in the opposite direction where their allies wait.

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The previous chapter refresher

Black Maria, one of the Flying Six, chose to stay close to Kaido. When Kanjuro arrived at Onigashima, he told Orochi and Kaido that the plan to stop the holders failed.

By the looks of it, at the time, Kanjuro still had no idea that the Straw Hats and the alliance were already on the island.

Elsewhere, Kyoshiro unintentionally met one of the Tobiroppo, Sasaki, who still believed that he was an ally. Hence, Kyorshiro took advantage of it.

On the other side of the island, Law and others were talking to Nekomamushi. He just recently arrived in the Wano Country, along with Marco and Izu, Game n Guides noted.

One Piece Chapter 982 release date

Fans will finally see what will happen next in One Piece Chapter 982 on Sunday, June 14. The manga series’ new chapters are usually released every Sunday unless it is about to take a break.

Óne Piece now usually takes a one week break every chapter’s release. Hence, fans typically get to see two chapters every month.

The latest chapter is available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. One Piece Chapter 982 raw scans, alternatively, will be out two to three days before its official release.

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