‘One Piece’ chapter 982 update: release date, spoilers and other details

'One Piece' chapter 982 update: release date, spoilers and other details

One Piece chapter 982 is coming up next and fans are already looking into getting some details of the manga comic series. What’s going to happen next?

According to Strawberry Hat Manga website, fans are excited for One Piece chapter 982 especially after the events that unfolded in the recently released chapter.

Chapter 981 was released on Sunday and it showed the arrival of the Whitebeard pirates. It’s been a long wait for them but now that they’re here, fans are expecting the fight to commence. Will that fight finally ensue in One Piece chapter 982?

When will chapter 982 be released?

The schedule of release of the manga chapters went on a little haywire for a little while due to the pandemic.

But it seems like things are returning to normal now because there isn’t going to be a chapter break this time.

The succeeding chapter is coming right after chapter 981. The official release date of chapter 982 is Sunday, June 14.

Are there available raw scans already?

As of the moment, the raw scans for the next chapter are still kept under wraps. Raw scans are essential when it comes to spoilers.

It gives fans a sneak peek on what’s coming. But it’s usually released only after translations are made available.

Raw scans are leaked after the translation process so it may come out around Wednesday, June 10. Until then, fans can check out predictions.

Chapter 982 predictions

Things have gotten more intense even before the real fight has started. But Queen and Who’s who appeared uninterested even though Luffy, Zoro and Kid has stormed the banquet palace.

A big fight has also broken out but why are Queen and Who’s who not interested? The latter has even revealed that he is waiting to see someone to take down.

But who is he referring to? Are he and Queen thinking of the same person?

Queen has given the Beast Pirates permission to kill Luffy, Zoro, Kid and Killer. And there’s a possibility that Queen isn’t after any of the All-Stars. Perhaps it’s from the Flying Six?

And who is Who’s who going to face and fight in the next chapter? All of the answers will be unveiled soon.

Another thing that has happened in the previous chapter is the Big Mom Pirates’ attempt to scale the waterfall around Wano again. They are looking into why Big Mom and Kaido are in an alliance.

They are unsuccessful though as they are knocked down by Marco, who was approaching Wano along with Nekomamushi and Izo.

Their arrival at Onigashima is expected to boost everyone’s morale and a fight is going to start soon.

One Piece chapter 982 will be released soon, so stay tuned.

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