‘One Piece’ chapter 984 release date, raw scans update, predictions

'One Piece' chapter 984 release date, raw scans update, predictions

One Piece chapter 984 is up next. After recently releasing the previous chapter, fans will have to wait a little while for the next.

Manga comics fans are looking forward now for One Piece chapter 984. They are excited to catch the new chapter especially since Yamato finally showed up.

Many are looking forward to knowing what happens next between Luffy and Yamato.

When is chapter 984 going to be released?

According to Strawhat Manga, One Piece chapter 984 isn’t coming until July. Manga series creator Eiichiro Oda usually takes one week break after every releasing three consecutive chapters weekly.

This means that chapter 984 will not be available on the last Sunday of this month. Instead, it will be released on July 5.

It will be available to read on the Viz and Mangaplus website by then.

Chapter 983 recap

As mentioned, chapter 983 finally revealed Yamato. Avid readers of the manga comics have been waiting for it after weeks of teasing about him.

The chapter was titled “Thunder” and it kicked off with Charlotte Perospero scaling the waterfall with a candy mount and heading towards Onigashima.

Charlotte, who is an officer of the Big Mom Pirates, disapproved of the alliance between Big Mom Pirates and Beasts Pirates.

Meanwhile, in Onigashima, Prometheus calls Big Mom back inside the brothel. She makes lots of homies while pursuing Nami, Carrot and Shinobu.

Chapter 983 also showed Luffy clashing with Ulti and Page One while Zoro and Kid continued fighting with the Beasts Pirates.

Ulti almost attacked Luffy after transforming into her Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus.

Luckily for Luffy, Yamato appeared and he surprised attack Ulti. Yamato then quickly grabbed Luffy and ran away, which showed that he has been waiting for the pirate to arrive.

The events that unfolded were clearly action-packed but it left fans wondering what will happen next.

Everyone knows that Yamato is Kaido’s son. But until chapter 983, Oda kept his identity a mystery. It turns out that he has huge hands and wears the same silhouette as Oden.

Aside from that, he claims to be a well-wisher of straw hats. But who really is Yamato and what are his intentions?

Raw scan update

At the moment, raw scans are still unavailable. They are usually leaked around the time when it’s almost the release date of the chapter.

But since One Piece chapter 984 won’t be here until July 5, fans will have to wait on that week to get some legit spoilers.

In the meantime, here are the chapter predictions. First, Yamato’s face may finally be revealed to the fans.

He wore a mask when he swooped right in to save Luffy. So even though he finally made a debut, his face still remains a mystery for now.

There’s also a possibility that Yamato will pledge allegiance to Luffy. If he does, he will be a big help to the straw hats and in the war against Kaido.

Stay tuned for more updates on One Piece chapter 984.

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