‘One Piece’ Chapter 985: What’s behind the mysterious shadow?

‘One Piece’ Chapter 985: What’s behind the mysterious shadow?

Fans are now waiting for One Piece Chapter 985 to possibly see what’s behind the mysterious shadow that Marco saw. Although the manga series is about to take a one-week break, it will be full of revelations that fans need to see.

Fans have been waiting to see the full reveal of Yamato. Hence, there are a lot of theories emerging about it online. One of the most famous assumptions is that Kaido may try to save Ace at Marineford, but will it happen?

Kaido to possibly save Ace for Yamato

WanoKuniAnime shared a clip about the possibility that Kaido would save Ace. The YouTube user assumed Yamato and Ace used to have a very special bond, and because of that relationship, Kaido’s daughter might have asked her father to save her friend from the marines.

It has been known that Ace died during the war at the marine base. Aside from Luffy, Whitebeard and his crew tried to save Ace and not KaidoInternational Business Times noted.

Kaido’s love for Yamato may have also influenced him to do it. Kaido is also known for his love for his daughter, so he may grant her request because of it. Anyhow, the channel also admitted that this theory might not happen.

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The man behind the mysterious shadow

Meanwhile, there are also assumptions that the shadow Marco saw was possibly from Perospero. In the previous chapter, fans saw the minister traveling to Onigashima.

However, as the shadow seemed to be from under the sea, it might be impossible for him to emerge in the water because of the devil fruit he uses. Some believe that the shadow is just some troops that will help the Straw Hats alliance in One Piece Chapter 985.

From its looks, fans have to wait and see who the real man behind this mysterious shadow is.

One Piece Chapter 985 release date, raw scans, and more

Fans have to wait a little longer before they finally see what will happen next in One Piece Chapter 985.

There will be a one-week break between Chapter 984 and 985’s release, so the new installment is set to be out on July 19 instead. EconoTimes added that the series’ spoilers or raw scans would be out a few days before its release.

Aside from that, there are also claims that Weekly Shonen Jump will be a double issue. So, there will be another break after One Piece Chapter 985’s release.

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