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‘One Piece’ Chapter 986 to reveal Orochi, Kanjuro’s fate and more


One Piece, Chapter 986 is about to unveil a lot of revelations after what happened in the previous chapter.

As Chapter 985 changed the manga series’ storyline due to the looming end, One Piece Chapter 986 may tackle these changes. It may reveal Orochi and Kanjuro’s fate after Kaido and Kiku cut them down, respectively.

One Piece Chapter 986 spoilers

Nami and Nomi will be in danger in the next chapter after the beast, and Big Mom pirates caught them. Fans now expect Sanjo to use his stealth suit to rescue the two, Block Toro noted.

After Luffy and Yamato teamed up, the new chapter will show how they will put the beast pirates in trouble.

To recall, Kaido and Big Mom have worked together to find the ancient weapon, One Piece. It has been known that Kaido wants to be the next Pirate King.

But for them to get Shirahoshi, the Mermaid Princess and weapon Poseidon, they have to attack the Fishman Island to call out the Sea Kings.

In addition, the marines and SSG have, reportedly, developed a new weapon. So, their plans to take down the Yonko alliance will be revealed in One Piece Chapter 986.

Tha Akazaya’s ability and power

Also, the new chapter may show the aftermath of Kiku and Kanjuro’s battle. However, with Kiku’s tears and her sword’s bloodstains, there are beliefs that Kanjuro is maybe dead.

If Kanjuro is indeed gone, it may be good news for everyone, Recent Highlights noted. However, if he is not, he remains to be a significant threat to the One Piece Chapter 986 heroes.

Elsewhere, the next installment may show how strong the rest of the Akazayas are. Neko and Inu seem to have the same strength, but Ashura appears to be stronger than them. Kiku has also shown her prowess, effortlessly cutting Kanjuro.

Now, fans may get to see Izo’s ability this time.

One Piece Chapter 986 release date and other details

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 986 is on a break due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Although the event has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Weekly Shōnen Jump still announced a holiday.

Hence, fans have to wait for seven more days before they will finally see what will happen with Luffy and the rest of the gang. Anyhow, on Sunday, Aug. 2, One Piece Chapter 986 will finally see the light of the day, while the raw scans may be released in the days between July 27 and July 31.

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