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‘One Piece Chapter’ 987 will be a tear-jerker, editor teases


One Piece Chapter 987 would be a tear-jerker after the manga series’ editor teased what he felt after he read the next installment.

Ken Takano revealed he cried when he read the next chapter of One Piece, which would be Chapter 986. However, it seemed the editor mixed the next installment’s release dates and cleared he was referring to One Piece Chapter 987.

It was the first time that an editor warned about the manga’s story in advance. Although the series had shown its fair share of emotional features, it was sporadic that an editor talked about it.

An alleged upcoming emotional episode

In celebration of the manga’s 23rd anniversary, a few editors went live to hype the franchise. Here, Takano revealed the new chapter brought him to tears.

As the new chapter coming is 986, fans widely believed he was talking about it. However, the fan translator, Artur – Library of Ohara, cleared that he was referring to something else, Comicbook noted.

“So I went through the bit where Oda’s editor talks about tearing up and while easy to miss, Iwasaki briefly said it should be in the ‘the issue following the following Jump,'” the fan explained in a tweet. “This would imply that said emotional chapter is Chapter 987, not Chapter 986, important difference.”

Twitter user Sandman_AP also added that it was the first time for Takano to reveal One Piece Chapter 987 shed him to tears since he became the manga’s editor.

“Five minutes ago, ONE PIECE editor Takano revealed in live streaming that he was moved to tears after he read next chapter (986),” he said. “It was the first time for him to shed tears since he became OP editor. I wonder what next chapter will be like.”

What made Takano cried?

However, fans should only take this assumption with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet. The Wano arc has featured a few deaths, reunions, and flashbacks.

So, it is not far that it will feature another emotional episode. Takano didn’t even clear if he cried tears of joy or sadness.

According to Epic Dope, the possible reason that Takano cried was Luffy might have finally obtained something that he had long been waiting for. It might also mean that someone sacrificed him or herself.

Eiichiro Oda recently surprised fans with a One Piece illustration to mark the manga series’ anniversary. It quickly gave birth to a lot of fan-made theories and speculations on what could happen next.

Meanwhile, the live stream featured the voice actors behind Luffy (Mayumi Tanake) and (Ussop) Kappei Yamaguchi. It remains to be seen when will One Piece Chapter 987 will be out, but Chapter 986 is set to be released on Aug. 2.

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