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‘One Piece’ Chapter 991 spoilers: Marines to join Wano war soon


One Piece Chapter 991 will surely make it up to fans after the delay with the coming of the marine forces.

Eiichiro Oda has hinted how intense the Wano war will be, making the Marineford war looks relatively small. Hence, a lot of things are about to happen in One Piece Chapter 991 to free the Wano kingdom.

The Wano war

Luffy and the Strawhats will continue the fight against Kaido and Big Mom to free the Wano Kingdom.

However, the Minks and the Samurais want to avenge Kaido in One Piece Chapter 991.

According to Block Toro, Coby will bring the marine forces to Wano after X Drake told them everything. Hence, they will be joining the Wano war soon.

The marines are, reportedly, aware of the situation in Wano, but seem to be helpless due to the sea prism trade.

However, the World Government also wants to control what’s happening, so it’s the perfect time to put Wano under their watch.

One Piece Chapter 990 review

Previously, Kaido revealed Vegapunk created a new weapon, so he joined the force of Big Mom. X Drake also talked about Coby and the Marines’ plan in One Piece Chapter 990.

The scheme was said to be similar to what happened to God Valley. At the time, Pirate King Roger and Marine Hero Garp joined forces to defeat the Rock Pirates.

Hence, there were theories Luffy and Coby would also work together to take down Kaido and Big Mom. These two had been known as part of the Rock Pirates.

So, in One Piece Chapter 991, fans are about to see what will happen in Wano and the marines’ position.

One Piece Chapter 991 release date and other details

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 991 will be delayed by a week due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus turned into a global pandemic, it affected not just TV and movie productions but also the whole global entertainment industry.

The standstill caused a substantial financial loss with all the entertainment projects put to a stop. Some are even postponed for an indefinite time.

So, the new chapter will not be out this Sunday, Devdiscourse noted. The delay gives birth to a lot of spoilers and predictions of what will happen next to the Wano Country Arc.

One Piece Chapter 991 will be dropped on Sept. 27. Raw scans and other spoilers will be released a couple of days before it officially drops.

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