‘One Piece’ Chapter 995 may feature deaths, Luffy’s way to Onigashima

There may be more deaths coming in One Piece Chapter 995 and the future chapters. Luffy is about to reach Onigashima, but before he finally makes it, a lot is about to happen.

The previous season hinted Onigashima would bear the smell of death. Kaido earlier said death would complete one’s life. Does it mean someone will die in One Piece Chapter 995?

The cure for the impending deaths

Death has been mentioned several times in the previous chapter. Apart from Kaido, his daughter, Yamato, also said it when she swore to protect Oden’s heir with her life.

Kin’emon alluded there would be no honor in dying in a battle against Luffy. In addition, Queen the Plague revealed her Oni plague bullets-infected victims would die in just an hour.

According to International Business Times, Kaido only has one cure for this virus and he gives it to Scratchmen Apoo. He tells him to protect it until the infected victims are dead.

In One Piece Chapter 995, the Queen warns that if the supernova fails to follow Kaido’s order, he will die, which hints at another death.

Chopper needs to get this only antidote from Scratchmen Apoo to save the people, although it remains to be seen how he will do it.

One Piece Chapter 995

Luffy’s much-awaited arrival in Onigashima

Meanwhile, talking about Onigashima, it takes a great time before Luffy finally reaches this island. This place is located within the borders of Wanokuni and can accommodate giant beasts, per Asap Land. 

It is quite distant from the main moor, so Luffy has yet to reach the top to finally meet Kaido. So, which among the coming chapters will feature Luffy’s arrival in Onigashima?

So far, Luffy has climbed a few floors of the main town. By the looks of it, it will be one floor per chapter.

The Beast Pirates’ leader is already on the first floor in Chapter 994. This may mean he will be on the second floor in One Piece Chapter 995.

He will then be at the third in Chapter 996 and on the fourth in Chapter 997. Here, he may face the Queen, while he may fight King on the fifth floor in Chapter 998.

Chapter 999 may feature Luffy climbing the last ladder to the roof to finally meet Kaido. This may be the climax of the said chapter, while the much-awaited One Piece Chapter 1000 will reveal their brawl.

One Piece Chapter 995 is set to be out on Sunday, Nov. 15. As One Piece Chapter 1000 is now fast approaching, it may feature the end of Act III in The Land of Wano arc.

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