‘One Piece’ Chapter 997 may feature Straw Hat Pirates’ reunion

One Piece Chapter 997

The Straw Hat Pirates will be together again in One Piece Chapter 997. After Luffy’s team went on different positions to face the scattered enemies, they would finally reunite.

Fans can celebrate the news that One Piece Chapter 997 will not go in a break next week. It has been three weeks since the anime series has been dropping new chapters every week, without any delays.

By the looks of it, there is a big chance that the much-awaited One Piece Chapter 1000 will be out before the year ends.

Chapter 997 spoilers

In the new chapter, Luffy, Sanji, and Jinebi will be on their way to the Onigashima rooftop. However, something may happen that will ruin their plan, per BlockToro.

Black Maria will make an appearance in the new installment and it only means that Sanji will be in deep trouble. Will a fight ensue between the two?

Elsewhere, fans may see Yamato’s dragon type devil fruit in One Piece Chapter 997 after it was hinted at in the previous episode.

One Piece Chapter 997

Chapter 996 spoilers

A lot had happened in the One Piece Chapter 996. Nami and Usopp had successfully escaped their death, while Kaido and Red Scabbards engaged in a fight.

Tama used Komachiyo to run away, along with Nami and Usopp, per Devdiscourse. He told the two she came into the area using the enemy’s ship but didn’t explain anything further. Although Nami was all fine, Usopp seemed to be quite conscious.

Hihimaru then appeared and blocked Page One while chasing Komachiyo. Tama then told Hihimaru to help him stop the enemy even for just three minutes.

Nami then said the baboon would be of no match against Page One and Ulti. However, Tama seemed to unlike his words and said, “Don’t look down on us! We came here to fight as samurai!!”

In the next scene, Yamato was blocking the bullets coming Momonosuke’s way. Shinobu then told Yamato to leave her alone, take Momonosuke, and decide if she is a samurai.

“Kouzuki Oden would never do such a thing,” Yamato said.

In addition, when Sasaki noticed his Armored Troop started to lose a lot of men, he decided to join the fight and prepared to get his sword.

However, Yamato made a surprising transformation, unveiling her sharp teeth and started growling. This shocked Sasaki, who didn’t know what to do.

Raw scans, spoilers release date

One Piece Chapter 997 is set to be out on Sunday, Nov. 29. On the other hand, its raw scans may drop two to three days before the official release date, so it may fall around Friday, Nov. 27.

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