‘One Piece’ Chapter 999 to reveal Ace’s real purpose in Onigashima

One Piece Chapter 999

One Piece Chapter 999 Korean raw scans are now out and reveal the storyline may focus on Ace’s return.

Korean sources have been leaking little details about One Piece Chapter 999 as of late, making the waiting time a little more intense. With the return of Luffy’s brother in the spotlight, it doesn’t only make the new chapter hype but the coming One Piece Chapter 1000 as well.

Chapter 999 predictions

The Korean scans are based on the manga’s actual raw scans. Korean leakers draw these pages based on what they see, and it is similar to the real manga panels.

So, it is maybe safe to assume that the Korean leaks are the same thing that will happen in One Piece Chapter 999.

There are predictions Ace’s sudden comeback may have something to do with the manga’s milestone. It is about to drop its 1000th chapter next year, a feat that only a few achieves.

Fortunately, there will be no break this week, so fans will see what will happen next as scheduled.

According to BlockToro, the said issue is already completed due to the advanced working schedule Eiichiro Oda has been following. In no time, official spoilers may finally come out.

One Piece Chapter 999 may revolve around Ace’s return, and his stay in Wano will be explored.

Some fans are not happy with Ace’s comeback, let alone featuring his backstory. However, there may be larger to it rather than just a simple flashback.

Chapter 999 spoilers, release date, more

International Business Times noted One Piece Chapter 999 would reveal the real purpose of Ace’s arrival in Onigashima and his relationship with Yamato.

His real intention is, reportedly, to save the kids, who have been kidnapped from the mainland, from Wano’s people.

His mission may have something to do with Tama as he was washed away in the beach near Tama’s village.

As Luffy’s brother, he may have gotten acquainted with the villagers. He may have learned everything that they have been through under Kaido’s reign, so he may take matters into his own hands.

Ace is said to arrive in Onigashima at the time when Kaido was on an expedition. So, instead of the Beast Pirates captain, he met his daughter.

Although they get involved in a huge fight, they later turn to be amicable. They quickly develop a close bond that may brew into a romantic relationship.

So, by the looks of it, fans have a lot to see in the coming One Piece Chapter 999 when it drops on Sunday, Dec. 20, on Viz media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump.

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