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‘One Piece’ episode 931 features Luffy regaining his power


One Piece has dropped its episode 931. Fans are hyped up after the installment showcased Luffy regaining his Devil Fruit power.

One Piece has just made its highly-anticipated return after being on a break for two months. However, despite its recent comeback, the show has continued to release episodes jam-packed with action and emotional scenes. The show’s latest 930th and 931st installment have left fans wanting for more.

Episode 930 recap

One Piece broke its 2-month hiatus with the release of episode 930, which was entitled A Lead Performer! Queen the Plague Emerges. The installment featured Luffy saving an old man named Hyogoro from being bullied by prison guards.

However, since there was a barrage of prison guards, the duo was still defeated. As a result, Luffy and Hyogoro were brought before Queen, one of the main enforcers under Kaido.

Episode 931 features a new challenge for Luffy and Hyogoro

The 931st episode of One Piece was entitled Climb Up – Luffy’s Desperate Escape. In this installment, Queen admired the skills of Luffy and Hyogoro and further gave them the option to join Kaido’s crew. However, both of the prisoners refused.

Consequently, Queen prepared a new challenge on stage for them. Luffy and Hyogoro must avoid being pushed outside a ring to prevent a series of blades from chopping their heads clean off. If they survive the onslaught of enemies thrown against them, they might be able to leave with their lives in-tact.

Fans are hyped after Luffy regained his power

Although Queen’s conditions could cost the life of the two prisoners, fans were still hyped up. This was because the special cuffs which restrained Devil Fruit powers were removed from the hands of Luffy.

This means that the protagonist has finally regained his power. Furthermore, it implies that he has a bigger chance of defeating his enemies and surviving his execution. One thing is clear: Luffy is close to breaking free.

Episode 932 spoilers

The spoilers of the forthcoming One Piece episode 932 are out since the preview trailer has already dropped. The installment will showcase Luffy fighting the Queen’s underlings in the sumo inferno tournament.

Fortunately, it appears that Luffy has the upper hand. The short clip featured the Straw Hat pirate taking down his enemies easily. However, his future remains uncertain since the other foes are yet to be unveiled.

Where to watch One Piece

The latest episodes of One Piece anime series are available for stream online. Fans can watch it on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, or other streaming platforms. It is also accessible on channels such as Fuji TV, Korean Broadcasting System, and Spacetoon.

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