‘One Piece’ Episode 951 to feature Zoro, Ninja Group’s fight

‘One Piece’ Episode 951

One Piece Episode 951 titled, “Orachi’s Hunting Party! The Ninja Group vs. Zoro,” already said a lot about what will happen next. After Momonusuke has successfully convinced the Prisoners of Udon, fans are about to see more of Zoro.

One Piece Episode 951 will continue the Wano Country Arc, which started in Season 20 Episode 890. As fans still have a long way to go before it follows the manga story, Luffy and Straw Hat Pirates are still up for more adventures.

Episode 951 spoilers

The new episode preview teased how intense the turnout of events would be. Here, the Ninja Group would be seen as Zoro got ready for the fight.

In the clip YouTube channel Fans Of One Piece Reborn FoOP shared, viewers filled the comment box with excitement upon seeing Zoro’s return.

“Watching bloodlust Zoro killing the ninjas, next episode gonna be hype!” one said. “why Zoro is demon gold,” another wrote.

The teaser also gave a quick preview of Luffy, Law, and Yamato.

“Finally, bloody law will be animated, how I wait for that moment, its gonna be HOT AS HELL,” one fan excited said.

Some even commend the great graphics One Piece Episode 951 has.

“How brutal it looks, the quality I knew they were saving to put better animation for the epic moments,” one YouTube user noticed. “Hopefully, they will animate the best past [sic] of one piece that of Oden Kouzuki.”

‘One Piece’ Episode 951

Episode 950 recap

Luffy has been surprising fans with his compassion despite his strong attitude and behavior. In the previous episode, he showed how supporting he could be by letting Momonusuke took the spotlight to get the Prisoners of Udon’s trust, per Epic Dope.

Prisoners of Udon used to be thankful for Luffy and his allies, but when they learned he is a pirate, they started to lose their trust in him.

Luffy then realized that the only person who could help him at that moment was Momonusuke.

As the son of Kozuki Oden, Momonusuke is the only one who could help reunite the samurai and earn their trust.

However, he was quite worried about how these prisoners would see him with his lack of experience and young age. He feared they would only see his father in him.

He was taken aback by the thought that they would think of him as inferior to his dad. To boost his confidence, Luffy threw insults at him when he was acknowledging his ability.

Aside from a series of slurs, Luffy also used a giant boulder so that Momonusuke would be forced to come out.

When he did, the prisoners felt glad to see Momonusuke, helping him muster up his courage and start addressing the crowd. He also told them Luffy’s effort so that they could give him their trust again.

One Piece Episode 951 is set to be out on Sunday, Nov. 22.

Featured images used courtesy of Tauz/YouTube Screenshots, video used courtesy of Fans Of One Piece Reborn FoOP/YouTube Channel

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