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‘One Piece’ Episode 955 to reveal why Hawkins joins Kaido’s side


One Piece Episode 955 will reveal why Basil Hawkins will join Kaido’s side in the Wano Kuni arc, while the Strongest Creature renews his alliance with Big Mom.

There are a lot of intense turns of events happening in One Piece Episode 955. It will also explore the reason for Eustass Kid’s imprisonment and Scratchmen Apoo’s connection to the Beast Pirates.

Episode 955 spoilers

The new episode’s preview showed Law holding Hawkins injured while being captive. According to EconoTimes, this scene seemed to be derived from the manga where Law asked Hawkins about his alliance with Kid and Apoo.

Hawkins then tells Law they learned Apoo is now under Kaido that ultimately led to his and Kid’s capture.

Instead of killing them, Kaido offers them to join his army so that they can live. Knowing they only have a small chance of survival, Hawkins accepted the proposal.

Alternatively, Kid and Killer refuse the deal and try to fight, but they only end up defeated.

Hawkins may also reveal that Kaido has no plans to kill strong enemies, which may be why Kid and Killer are still in prison.

He may be hoping to disrupt the two’s spirit so that they will later surrender and take his side.

Kaido, Big Mom’s renewed alliance

Elsewhere, One Piece Episode 955 will feature Kaido and Big Mom sharing a meal after engaging in an all-out war.

In this scene, Apoo will arrive with a herd of giants, called Numbers. Kaido will then announce his alliance with the Big Mom Pirates, and they will both conquer the world.

However, when they already dominated the globe, their fight will continue until one of them is dead.

December episode titles

Meanwhile, Twitter user Soulstorm OP dropped the anime’s official episode titles for December.

One Piece Episode 955 will bear the title “A New Ally? The Giants of Kaido’s Army Mobilize,” while Episode 956 will be called “The Decisive Battle Draws Close! The Strawhat Crew Prepares.”

The anime will then go on a break and returns in Episode 957, which title is yet to be revealed.

Comicbook noted these titles seem to suggest Kaido is preparing for a big war, and Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates are also making themselves ready.

The series is now featuring the War for Wano, which will feature the battle between the Straw Hats Pirates and the Beast Pirates.

One Piece Episode 955 is set to be out on Sunday, Dec. 20, on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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