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‘One Piece’ Episode 962 will show how Whitebeard Pirates’ destiny will change


One Piece Episode 962 will continuously feature the backstory of Oden. Oden’s journey with the Whitebeard Pirates is about to begin after the Scabbards reveal their faith in him.

One Piece Episode 962 will bear the title “Changing Destiny – The Whitebeard Pirates Cast Ashore.” The title itself seems to suggest what will happen next. As it says, this group of pirate’s destiny may about to change.

Episode 962 spoilers, predictions, and more

The new episode’s preview shows Oden going against Ashura Doji. Here, he has demonstrated his excellent swordsman skill, along with his haki abilities.

After Oden has successfully defeated Doji, the latter will become his follower.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi also make an appearance and they will be washed up on the Wano shore and encounter Kawamatsu.

The Kuri citizens will then capture the three, but Oden will come to their rescue. The trailer will end with the Whitebeard Pirates’ arrival on the Wano shore, and Oden rushes to the group.

According to BlockToro, Oden will have a fight with the Whitebeard Pirates, but the latter will ask him to join their line-up.

With Oden’s intent to travel the world, he will do so. They will then go on a new journey, where he will meet God D Roger. From here, he will help them to find the One Piece treasure.

Episode 961 recap

In One Piece Chapter 961, fans had the chance to see the Land of Wano from 40 years ago. At the time, the Kozuki clan was dominating the place, per TV Season Spoilers.

Kinemon faced Oden after he interrupted a white boar by stealing its cub. The land’s warrior then came to the rescue and tried to stop the boar.

However, the villagers started to run and save their lives as the boar continuously wreak havoc all over the place.

Kinemon’s sword was no use to beat the boar, but Oden’s could. So, as he blamed himself for what happened, he put the baby boar on the ground.

He then faced the big one and cut it in a single slash, using his two-sword technique.

What will happen next can be seen on the next episode when it drops on Sunday, Feb. 14, per the official anime sources. It may be out at 9:30 a.m. in Japan, while its release in other countries depends on the location and time zone.

So, the international audience can now change and adjust this time to their local time to see One Piece Episode 962 in their places.

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