‘One Piece’ Episode 965 to feature Oden’s meeting with this important character

One Piece Episode 965

After meeting Whitebeard, Oden is about to bump into a significant character in One Piece Episode 965. Here, he will finally get to know Gol D. Roger.

Roger is looking forward to meeting Oden, who has become Whitebeard’s little brother. As everyone is looking forward to their meeting, what will happen between these two in One Piece Episode 965.

Roger and Oden’s meeting

According to Recent Highlights, Roger and Whitebeard will be fighting in the upcoming episode.

Whitebeard and Oden will be coming to an island where Roger is located. Here, the latter has a faceoff with the marines.

Knowing how Oden works, he goes past everyone. He will also attack Roger when he sees him.

However, with Roger’s incredible strength, he sends Oden flying to the ground, scratchless of the latter’s attack.

Roger already knew who Oden is. He has seen him in the newspapers, and despite their not-so-good meeting, he still likes to formally meet him.

However, after witnessing what happens to Oden, Whitebeard comes to his rescue and starts a swordfight against Roger in One Piece Episode 965. This fight alone goes on for three days and three nights as no one wants to concede.

However, after their respective groups enjoy a party, Roger makes a request that angers Whitebeard.

As this request remains a big mystery, it may only be revealed in the next episode.

Episode 964 recap

One Piece Episode 964 showed how Oden bravely took the challenge, hanging himself on a chain for three days. One hour before his challenge ended, he let go to save a screaming lady, per OtakuKart News.

Surprised by what she saw, she never thought Oden would come to help her. She then treated his wounds from fighting the sea monsters during his challenge.

The lady was then surprised to see that his wounds were healing fast. She believed he was human or a different species, though she couldn’t determine yet.

Oden, on the other hand, noticed the lady was from a foreign country with the way she dressed.

At Moby Dick, everyone noticed Oden didn’t complete his challenge. They then yelled at Popps, accusing him of letting Oden go.

When Oden finally woke up, he couldn’t board the Whitebeard’s ship anymore.

What would happen from here would be next seen in One Piece Episode 965, which would drop on Sunday, Mar. 7. It could be seen on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

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