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‘One Piece’ Episode 972: The much-awaited fight of Oden, Kaido


Fans are about to see the battle between Oden and Kaido in One Piece Episode 972.

Oden’s flashback may be soon over as the anime will unveil his much-awaited fight with the Beast Pirates Captain. So, what will happen in One Piece Episode 972?

A glimpse of the new chapter

Twitter user Jara Jo Art drops the new episode preview, showing Oden and his Vassals trying to their country back from the hands of the evil rulers.

This will incite an intense battle against the Kaido, Orochi, and the Beast Pirates. Will Oden have a fighting chance against them?

Manga fans probably know what will happen next in the series, and whatever it is, Oden’s fate will end up on a positive note.

Oden will free his nation, as the flashback sequence has been showing the Grand Linen world’s secrets, Comicbook noted.

Fans had seen Oden’s past life, from his ties to Wano to his adventure with Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger.

He had become a successful pirate, though he was always on Roger’s side when he saw the treasure that started the series.

Now that Oden returns to his home nation in One Piece Episode 972, he is about to face Orochi and Kaido to take what is his.

In addition, Shinobu may join his side, though Oden may be defeated due to Kurozumi Higurashi’s trick. Although he may save his retainers, Oden may die in the process.

Episode 971 recap

One Piece Episode 971 showed Gecko Pirates’ fight against the Animal Kingdom Pirates. Oden was then seen dancing naked on the streets of the capital, making a fool of himself, per The Cinemaholic.

Despite the embarrassments and mockeries, he continued to do this every week. Orochi then arrived in Kuri after five years.

He told Oden he would set up weapon factories in the area and informed him about Hyogoro’s imprisonment. He also gave him to Kaido, while his wife had been gunned down.

He continued that he and Kaido had no intention to leave the country just like promised.

As everything that Orochi did gradually sink in, he realized the degree of betrayal, so he prepared to attack Kaido. Oden hoped to catch him asleep so that he could cut his head effortlessly.

As this is the thing of the past, fans already knew what would happen from here. Kaido and a legion of his army were already waiting for Oden and Akazaya Nine.

One Piece Episode 972, titled “The End of the Battle! Oden vs. Kaido!” is set about out on Sunday, May 2.

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