‘One Piece’ Episode 977: Will Luffy arrive to help Kin’emon face Kaido?

One Piece Episode 977

One Piece Episode 977, titled “The Sea is for Pirates! Raid to Onigashima,” will begin the battle against Kaido.

Kin’emon and others are now on their way to meet Kaido in Onigashima, hence the One Piece Episode 977 title. After the events of previous installments, giving a glimpse of Oden’s backstory, will Luffy emerge here to help Oden’s retainers?

Luffy’s way to Wano

Fans saw how the Land of Wano turned into complete chaos. After Oden’s death, Orochi is now on the lookout for his family and retainers.

To save their kids, Toki sent Momonosuke with Kin’emon and others 20 years into the future.

This side of the story’s continuation is about to be seen in One Piece Episode 977.

According to Epic Dope, Kin’emon and others are about to take the forefront to face Kaido.

Despite not being sure if their allies will join the fight or not, they are ready to start the battle against the Beast Pirates captain.

It is a matter of “win or die trying” for them this time.

So, fans are about to see Kin’emon and others start the brawl with Kaido’s men at sea while they make their way to Onigashima.

From here, Luffy and his allies may show up to join the war and go against Kaido.

In addition, the Samurai, monks, pirates, and others will bravely continue their assault against Kaido and Orochi’s people.

Kin’emon may decide to push forward to the battle. The identity of the Akazaya Nine traitor may also be revealed here.

Episode 976 recap

One Piece Episode 976 showed Hiyori spent his first days with Kawamatsu.

However, he decided to escape after thinking he was killing himself by looking after her.

She then went to the Flower City to reunite with Denjiro, who had become the Yakuza leader Kyoshiro.

He is now working closer to Orochi, though the latter had no idea of his real identity, per OtakuKart News.

His real goal, however, was to bring both Orochi and Kaido down after what they did to Oden and Toki.

Hiyori had grown up under Denjiro’s care. She is now a full-grown woman who is popularly known for her incredible beauty.

With her looks, she managed to get Orochi’s attention.

Elsewhere, Orochi learned Momonosuke and Oden’s four retainers finally arrived. How did he know so?

Orochi revealed to Kaido he had a spy among the Akazaya Nine who gave him info about the group’s plan?

Who is it? Find out when One Piece Episode 977 drops on Sunday, June 6, on AnimeLab, Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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