‘One Piece’ Episode 982: The six Tobi Roppo’s introduction

One Piece Episode 982

One Piece Episode 982 will finally introduce the six Tobi Roppo to the world. As the anime is now catching up with the manga, it looks like fans will soon see a series of intense fights.

Fans are about to know the mysterious identities of these humongous beasts in One Piece Episode 982. The fire festival is now here and the Ninja-mink-pirate-samurai has now raided Onigashima to face Kaido.

As the battle against Kaido begins, viewers will soon see the manga’s intense fight in Onigashima in anime form.

The Beginning of the Final Battle

The final battle against Kaido has about to start. According to Recent Highlights, before the big brawl begins, Tobi Roppo will first enter the scene.

Kaido will be calling this group. So, who is this bunch of people and why are they in Onigashima during the raid?

One Piece Episode 982 will begin with the Straw Hat Pirates coming to Onighashima with their alliance. Kinemon sinks all the boats they see, except for the pirate ships.

This only proves the seriousness of the raid and it is a battle between life and death.

Kinemon uses his Garb Garb power and transforms everyone’s clothes to look like Beast Pirates. From here, they can easily penetrate the castle without being caught.

Alternatively, everyone is busy celebrating inside the castle. Queen leads the performances as she takes charge of the entertainment department.

He introduces all the Beast Pirate crews from the Waiters to Pleasures to Gifters to Headliners to Tobi Roppo.

Episode 981 Recap

OtakuKart News noted three captains joined the fight in One Piece Episode 981. Luffy consoled Momonosuke before Kanjuro left.

He told Momo they would come to rescue him. After that, Luffy and the rest of the Samurais went to another battle.

The man they were waiting for then finally came.

This guy told everyone to listen to him. He announced he was born in the “Fish-Man District, the Kingdom of Ryugu, the country in the deep sea.”

The Straw Hat Pirates was happy to know this strange man.

“I am going to exchange a cup of sake with Boss Straw Hat,” he said.

Who was he? He introduced himself as the First Son of the Sea, Jimbei Helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates Bounty: 438 Million Berries.

He asked them to remember him as he promised to help them.

Luffy then came out and embraced Jimbei while two other Captains watched them.

What happens here will continue on the release of One Piece Episode 982 on Sunday, July 11.

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