‘One Piece’ Episodes 983 to 986 titles hint at Luffy’s Onigashima infiltration

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One Piece is now featuring the War for Wano arc and in no time, fans are about to see Luffy and Kaido’s battle.

With the help of some allies, the Straw Hat Pirates are now making their way to infiltrate Kaido’s headquarters in Onigashima. To tease fans of what is going to happen next, One Piece has dropped its new episode titles from Episode 983 to Episode 986.

New Episode Titles

The anime series perfectly knows how to hype up its new arc. After the flashback episodes that featured Oden’s death, Luffy is now on his way to avenge the daimyo of Kuri.

By the looks of it, the next four episodes after the upcoming Episode 982 will feature most of Luffy’s attacks.

According to Comicbook, Episode 983 will be called “The Seriousness of the Samurai! Landing on Onigashima.” It will be then followed by Episode 984 “Luffy’s Recklessness? Infiltrating Kaido’s Banquet.”

Next is Episode 985’s “Thoughts of Tama: Luffy’s Angry Blow.” Lastly, Episode 986 will be titled “Fighting Music! The Ability To Attack Luffy!”

These episodes will show the infiltration mission of Luffy and company. Manga readers probably know what will happen here as Luffy and his squad disguise themselves as Beast Pirates.

They will change their clothes to successfully enter Onigashima without being noticed.

When they finally arrive at the headquarters, fans have to get ready for the most intense fight that there are about to see in the anime.

This will be one of the biggest battles in the One Piece anime history that they should never miss.

Episode 982 Director

Meanwhile, as One Piece Episode 982 is about to come, fans will get the honor of seeing a masterpiece by the director Megumi Ishitani.

The anime series has nabbed the legendary filmmaker to helm the upcoming episode. With the major intense battle that is about to happen, Toei Animation wants to do it right with the best director.

Ishitani will surely give justice to the episode where the infamous war in Onighashima will begin.

Though this will only be the second time Ishitani will handle Eiichiro Oda’s brainchild, his credits are enough to prove that he can make it.

He has done several anime projects in the past, like Dragon Ball Super. Also, his works in Episode 957 are not far from what he is about to do in Episode 982.

He will also work with a lot of the anime’s characters who are making their way to Onigashima.

One Piece Episode 982 will be out Saturday, July 10.

Featured image used courtesy of Nicholas Wang/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)

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