‘One Piece’: The tragic fate of Zeus

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Fans witnessed the tragic fate of Zeus in the hands of Big Mom as he tried to save Nami in the recent chapter of One Piece.

After Prometheus discredited Zeus’ efforts to save Big Mom, the latter started hating him. So, when he finally got freed in One Piece and found his way to Charlotte Linlin, it was too later for Zeus to redeem himself.

The Plight of Zeus

Big Mom has been cranky for a little while after Tama revealed Kaido’s subordinates had destroyed Okobore Town. Knowing this is the only place that has warmly accepted Big Mom, the news annoyed her.

Led by Ulti, who Big Mom believed to be one of the destroyers, she has unleashed her wrath to everyone’s surprise.

Now, Big Mom has two sets of enemies, the Straw Hat Pirates and the Beast Pirates.

As she continuously fights her opponents, Zeus has arrived. As one of Big Mom’s enemies is Nami, he decides to sacrifice himself to save her and the Straw Hats as a whole.

“I’m going to rebel, for the first and last time,” he says, per Comicbook. “At least I can make it up to one person as I die.”

“Run for safety, Nami. This is how I want to be remembered,” he continues, knowing what his fate will be.

The Battle Royale

As the battle continues, Zeus has found himself toward Big Mom, who crushes him without the sweat.

He then asks her new homie, Hera, to devour all of Zeus. The latter tries to beg Big Mom to spare his life but to no avail.

Sadly, even Nami’s thunder balls are of no help to save Zeus, per CBR. Hera just ends up absorbing it and finishing Zeus, making her more powerful.

As Big Mom has put all of her attention on Zeus, Tama takes advantage of the moment and runs back to Usopp and Nami.

Upon seeing the escaping child, this enrages the female Yonko more. She is now hating even the kid and asks Napoleon to crush them all.

However, before he can do it, a chunk of metal scraps appears and knocks Big Mom down. Eustass Kid has arrived to save the day and he is ready to take the female villain down.

Zeus’ Sacrifice

Meanwhile, the storyline of Zeus’ sacrifice has quickly played out in One Piece. Though his effort to return to Big Mom’s side is emotional in itself, her move to crush and kill him is incredibly heartbreaking.

Big Mom has shown how cruel she can be, making her the villain that she truly is. She also shows how quickly she can change her mind, from protecting Tama to deciding to kill her after.

It is now up to Kid to defeat Big Mom and avenge everyone she has killed in One Piece.

Featured image used courtesy of Antonio Tajuelo/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)

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