‘One Piece’: This surprising character may be the reason for Kaido’s defeat

One Piece Chapter 1012

The character who may defeat Kaido and his Beast Pirates in One Piece is finally revealed, and it is not Luffy.

The war has been going on for a long while now, and Kaido remains undefeated. But with Tama’s move in the previous chapter, it looks like the battle will soon end in One Piece.

Tama’s power and abilities

It may be surprising to know that the little Tama can beat Kaido just easily, but there is more to this child than her size.

Tama has been an essential ally to Luffy, and her arrival to Onigashima gives hope to many, BlockToro noted.

She has revealed his plans to bring down the Beast Pirates by turning them into allies using her Devil Fruit.

“If we can just reach the stage in the open area, I can give a command to all of the enemy fighters that Horselina helped feed millet dumplings too!” she said. “If they all join our side, then my job here is done!”

“As long as I can help out, I don’t care what happens to me!!” she continued. “We just gotta get to the stage.”

Tama has been making Dango from her cheeks, and the turned-Beast Pirates feed them to Kaido’s other men.

However, when Tama meets Queen, it looks like she doesn’t have to feed the enemies at all in One Piece.

They may start joining them of their own will, leaving Kaido alone and making Tama’s plans succeed.

However, Tama has to give her command first so that Kaido’s crew will turn their back at him.

To do this, she may get the help of Big Mom, fulfilling Tama’s plan.

Chapter 1012 leaks

One Piece Chapter 1012 will not be out this week due to the Golden Week holidays in Japan.

However, Eiichiro Oda will continuously work on the series, so its spoilers and leaks may drop during its usual schedule.

He may submit his manuscript on time, so the raw scans may come anytime soon, per BlockToro.

Fans may see it on Tuesday, April 27. Though it may be too early, knowing the new chapter will not be out until after 12 days, this has already happened before.

Chapter 979 also went on a break last year due to the Golden Week, but its spoilers dropped on April 28. It also had 12 days interval, so it might happen once again this time.

Once the trusted sources have verified the manga leaks and translated them into English, the spoilers will officially come out.

One Piece Chapter 1012 is set to be out on Sunday, May 9.

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