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‘One Piece’ unveils what can possibly defeat Kaido


To date, the Wano Arc of One Piece anime is already one of the most action-packed arcs of the Straw Hat Pirates, and it is clear that there are still some insane battles left to be told in this saga!

In the pages of One Piece, the War For Wano Country rages on. The arc recently hit an insane milestone by printing its one-thousandth chapter in circulation.

Furthermore, by unleashing the full force of their abilities, it seems as if the Worst Generation member is looking to put an end to the battle against Kaido, Big Mom, and the rest of the Beast Pirates.

Wano Arc spoiler

It has been long since the Worst Generation is touted as the inheritors of the Grand Line’s seas. Time and time again, each member proves themselves in battle as a swashbuckler.

The combined forces of Luffy, Zoro, Killer, Trafalgar Law, and Kid are once again looking to live up to their names. This is by unleashing some devastating blows on Kaido in his indestructible dragon form.

Kaido’s defenses have seemed impregnable in the past. However, it looks like the resistance fighters of Wano have learned the best way around this tyrant’s scaly skin.

The unmoved captain of the Beast Pirates

The Worst Generations’ insane attacks are primarily focused on in this chapter. This is with Eiichiro Oda portraying them over giant spreads to help hammer home just how powerful they are.

Moreover, each of the devastating attacks from the Worst Generation, from Luffy’s Gum Gum Kong Rifle to Kid’s Slam Gibson to Law’s Gamma Knife to Killer’s Scyther Soni, can hurt Kaido. However, these aren’t able to ultimately damage the captain of the Beast Pirates.

As theorized by many, one of the attacks that Kaido is most on edge about is Zoro’s Flying Dragon Blaze. The Beast Pirate Captain might have been eliminated using one of the swords of Wano in a strike. But unfortunately, it misses its mark.

Kaido, with both the dragon and his ally Big Mom realized that they had underestimated their opponents, with Kaido immediately recognizing the katana linked to Kozuki Oden, one of the premier figures of Wano’s past.

Moreover, the end of the chapter unveils Luffy unleashing his Gum Gum Kong Gattling on Kaido. Could this bring him down?

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