‘One Piece’: What does Zeus, O-Tama’s return mean in the war?

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One Piece has featured a number of casualties and resurrections as the War for Wano continues.

There has also been a series of changes of alliance and it mostly favors Luffy’s side. With the resurrection of Zeus and O-Tama’s return, what does this mean in the endless war in One Piece?

Zeus’ Resurrection

Zeus originally sided with Big Mom, but he later changed alliance after Charlotte Linlin wanted him dead.

With his huge crush on Nami, he tried to defend the Cat Burglar, but Big Mom put him down in a snap. She asked her new thundercloud homie, Hera, to devour Zeus and she ended up absorbing all his powers.

However, it looked like she didn’t manage to crush his soul. As no one could put a good cloud down, Zeus returned with a vengeance.

So, how has that happened?

“The moment that I was eaten by Hera, my soul had slipped out of my original body,” he explained, per Comicbook. “I was barely conscious as that Hera girl was just about to absorb me, but then you reached out with the climate baton, and the instant Hera bit down, it seems to have pushed me into this baton.”

From a cloud, Zeus is now the talking Climate Baton. As he cannot free himself from this weapon without Big Mom’s help, he seems to be a formidable addition to the Straw Hats’ force.

He is now named Fluff and responsible for the defeat of Ulti. From here, there may be a lot of enemies he can put down with Nami’s help in the war in One Piece.

The Greatness of O-Tama

O-Tama’s arrival in Onigashima showed she was one of the characters Luffy needed to succeed. She instantly stood out in her battle against the Beast Pirates, creating Dango from her cheeks.

Now, working with Nami and Usopp, it looks like these three can help turn the war’s tides.

Sure, O-Tama may be small, but she has proven her worth in this battle. She has reached Onigashima’s parlor level and has signaled her orders to the Gifters through Mary.

CBR noted Nami and Usopp knew that if O-Tama’s voice managed to reach all the Gifters in the performance hall, it could spell victory for them.

However, Big Mom came their way, but the little girl managed to change the situation by taking advantage of the female Yonko’s maternal instinct.

After Orochi almost took down her voice, O-Tama stands on her feet and makes a difference in Onigashima.

As the war in One Piece is now turning into Luffy’s favor, a big part of it is because of O-Tama.

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