‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 136: Will fans finally see the new chapter this week?

One Punch Man Chapter 136

Fans have been long waiting for the coming of One Punch Man Chapter 136. It has been more than a month since the last chapter dropped, so will it finally be out this week?

One Punch Man Chapter 136 is expected to be out last Sunday, Nov. 22, but not even the shadow of Saitama was seen. Now, fans are up for another waiting game to see if it will be finally out next week.

A new OPM chapter

Fans have been continuously looking forward to the release of Chapter 136 every week. They are all hoping that its creator, Yusuke Murata, will write new chapters, instead of redrawing past chapters.

Since Episode 135 dropped on Oct. 4, readers are expecting the new chapter to drop anytime this month.

In a post on Twitter, Murata hinted at a new OPM chapter, saying it is coming soon and might be revealing more about the superhero, named Blast.

According to BlockToro, there are predictions that Blast will make an appearance in One Punch Man Chapter 136.

Saitama has to run into a hero or a villain that can be his rival as the same tactic will never work out twice.

Murata has successfully changed Blast’s character by making him more “powerful and realistic,” which fans genuinely love.

One Punch Man Chapter 136

Chapter 136 to focus mostly on Blast

By the looks of it, Blast will be the main focus of Chapter 136. It will also feature a glimpse of his backstory.

Saitama has never met someone who can overpower him, although it remains to be seen what Blast can really do.

So, there may be a big fight happening between Saitama and Blast in One Punch Man Chapter 136, per Devdiscourse.

Saitama will be protecting his friends from the monsters and evil heroes, making his fight with Blast inevitable.

The most powerful being on Earth knows Blast can be a mighty rival. In fact, he can even be stronger than him. However, he will not be intimated either by his powers or abilities.

Chapter 136 possible release date

As Murata teased that new story addition to Volume 23 is almost done, it may mean One Punch Man Chapter 136 will be the next release.

Knowing the manga doesn’t have a regular release schedule, it just drops surprisingly.

Now that a new week has begun, fans are once again waiting if One Punch Man Chapter 136 will finally see the light of the day on Sunday, Nov. 29.

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